Free Custom «Policing in Chicago» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Policing in Chicago» Essay Paper


The main idea of community policing is to dramatically decrease the rate and incidence of crimes and make the society of a crime free zone. There could be numerous barriers in the matter of policing since this calls for a joint effort among the law enforcement departments and the populace of a free country. This paper focuses on a proposal for more police officers in the City of Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is one of the largest metropolises in the state of Illinois. Almost 3million people are residing in this city and it is the third highest populated state in USA. Besides, near about 32.4 million holiday travelers come to Chicago every year. “Chicago’s murder rate, slightly more than 16 murders per 100,000 residents, ranked 30th, and its rate of violent crime--about 1,125 incidents per 100,000 residents --ranked27th. However, among the nation's 10 largest cities, each with a population of one million or more,only Philadelphia had higher rates of murder and violent crime than Chicago” (Loury, 2010). There are only 1,850 police officers in the Chicago Department of Police. In order to control the high rate of crime in Chicago there is an absolute necessity to augment the strength of police officers in Chicago, Illinois.

The main problem that Chicago police department confronts the present day is that the police force currently consists of only 1,850 police officer and 13,400 sworn officers. But the ratio of police officers and the citizens is 1:216. So, the existing strength is not enough to handle 3 million citizens in such a big state. Besides, a large number police officers die in the performance of their duty. Such eventualities, apart from absence of police officers on sick leave etc, considerably deplete the strength of available police officers. “The reassignment of 150 Chicago Police officers from administration to patrol has better served the Chicago Police Department’s mission to serve and protect residents and visitors.While there is no exact way to measure the benefits of increased interactions between residents and police, the results of this collaboration may be possible for other cities and agencies similarly seeking a more effective use of resources” (Chicago Creates 150 Additional Neighborhood Police Officers by Streamlining Administrative Operations, 2009).

Another aspect is that there exists an urgent necessity of setting up a healthier police – resident partnerships in thwarting crimes. It is also essential to enforce a greater degree of responsibility by decentralizing decision making and enforcement, fixing specific geographical territories which would be delegated to individual or group law enforcement officers who would have to meet pre determined targets. In a large city like Chicago, Illinois, the level offense rates requires a considerable amount of police entire to serve and guard the society. Preliminary information shows that, many of the local and state police officers die periodically. So increase in the number of police officers is essential for achieving the goal of crime detection and prevention in the city of Chicago. There is no doubt that the concepts of community policing and similar other programs can fetch the intended results only when the department has at least the barest minimum number of police personnel for handling the volume of work involved.


The basic idea of community policing is focusing on crime and other social disorders or problems caused by few malcontents, to the harmony and sanctity of common community living in societal harmony. In a highly populated city like Chicago, it is necessary to maintain the adequate number of police officer to prevent the crime. And also “the FBI's violent crime total for Chicago did not include any of the city's 1,443 incidents of criminal sexual assault, which is a broader classification than the FBI's forcible rape category. Including just 700 of those crimes would bump Chicago to 24th on the list for violent crime rate” (Loury, 2010). In order to overcome these problems, it is essential for the state to increase the number of police officers to maintain the harmony of the state.



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