Free Custom «Obligations» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Obligations» Essay Paper


Children are considered to be the most vulnerable group in our societies. They are prone to be abused sexually, emotionally and physically either by their peers, guardians and parents (American School Counselor Association, 1999).

Ethical obligation

According to the American School Counselor Association, (1999), ethical obligation entails Informing guardians and parents so as facilitates sympathy and enhances the potentiality for more effectual involvement.  Ethical obligation forms a basis in the study of child abuse. It involves not only informing the child immediate family, legal system or community but also a group of specialist which includes pediatrics and psychiatry so as to offer counseling to the child.


After parents are notified it is very essential that they directly talk to children. Direct talks involve counseling the kid and making sure that the child is able to overcome trauma from abuse.   Working with such a vulnerable group requires acknowledgment, evaluation, direct protection and future planning (Cottone, & Tarvydas, 2003).

Reporting abuse

Evidently, every educator has a mandate to report all suspicions related to child abuse to the respective authority figure.  It is perceived that educators seem to spend a lot of time with children as compared to their parents. It is termed as a legal offence when an educator suspect about a child abuse and does not report. All children educators have a legal obligation to make statement about any and all fears of child abuse.

Investigating the abuse

When a child abuse has been reported, it is very important that certain legal terms are carried out during investigation (Crosson-Tower, 2002). This legal obligation when investigating includes; going through statements by witnesses, obtaining of medical and psychological information and it is from his investigation that he decides whether they can authenticate the case or assign it to higher authority.  It is essential for all mandated child reporters to be protected as they have a legal obligation to report and know the outcome of an investigation.

Moral obligations

Cottone, & Tarvydas, (2003) asserts that it is individual’s moral obligation to report any kind of injustices a child may be subjected to. This is because a child is considered to be a source of blessing for the whole community so abuse to him/her is also considered as abuse of the community. Moral obligation entails your own responsibility in ensuring the abused child gets proper medical attention even before reporting the matter to the authority.



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