Free Custom «Mentally Disabled Students» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Mentally Disabled Students» Essay Paper

Deppeler, Harvey, & Loreman, (2010), explain that mental disability is any of the "numerous circumstances that affect a human being" (Deppeler, Harvey, & Loreman, 2010, pp. 46). It is a condition that is characterised by the impairment of the individual sufferer typical cognitive and poignant or the behaviour based functioning. It is a condition that is caused by the social, psychological and the relative biochemical shortcomings. It is as well traceable to the genetically based formations and other factors such as the infection, which is also referred to as the head trauma. Student who suffer from the condition are associated with the anxiety disorders, mood disorders and the schizophrenia turmoil. Due to this, and other reasons the Mentally Disabled Students should be mainstreamed in China.


From Gearheart, & Mel, (2004), t he recent statistics; compiled by the American council on education, has been able to prove the rise in the Chinese students who are reporting the learning disabilities. The student's numbers have surged and the effect extends to doubling the duration required to do the final exams as well as the growth of spelling errors impunity. Other effects are the "destruction of the free environment for undertaking the exams" ( Gearheart, & Mel, 2004, pp. 50), and the "need of alterative exam formats" ( Gearheart, & Mel, 2004, pp. 50), as well as the varied lot of readers and relative accommodation to ensure that these students were likely to succeed.

The statistics of the students that are reporting mental disability in the Chinese institutions of higher learning are significant. These figures are growing in a rate that is shocking. From Crow, (2006), f or instance, in 1988, from the students who were associated with a disability, 16.1% tested positive for learning disability. This had more than doubled in a survey taken in 2001. The 2001 statistics did show that 40.1% of the Chinese students were suffering from learning disability.

The attention deficit disorder which normally affects these students is the reason behind their delayed understanding in school. It is a critical, phenomenon and it even called the "entitlement model" ( Crow, 2006, pp. 63), which is a movement that is set to help the disabled students realize their dreams. To do this, the model embarks on support and service to the affected students. Basing on this and other models that are supportive of the students in disability fair attention and entitlement to help; that would make them do better in academics, it is critical to have the Mentally Disabled Students mainstreamed in China. This is because; any responsible Chinese citizen will be able to see that these students are treated just like the other normal students. They are not put into slavery in the brick and other industries and are subjected to fair humane considerations.

Deppeler, Harvey, & Loreman, (2010), criticize the recent case of the disabled students and workers' were being subjected to servitude; it is critical and demeaning. For instance, an "asylum boss was recently detained for selling the disabled citizens to a factory where they were enslaved," (Deppeler, Harvey, & Loreman, 2010, pp. 34). If these were well known by the public through sight and name, such an inhuman action could be impossible to engage in hence the argument that Mentally Disabled Students should be mainstreamed in China.


Mental illness does describe a number of the critical mental and relative emotionally indented conditions ( Gorski, 2005) . It does refer to a single portion of the broader ADA terminology of mental mutilation. This condition is different from other related shortcomings such as the mental retardation, the organic brain damage and erudition disabilities. Gorski, (2005), emphasizes that the mental disability does in a significant way affect the individual performance of critical life activities. These activities include learning and working as well as communication.

Students who suffer from the condition experience the situation for many years. Crow, (2006), argues that t he condition does though vary in type, intensity and the symptoms duration, which is dependant of the individual environment and exposure as well as vulnerability. These signs do come and go and do not follow any pattern. This is what makes the condition hard to deal with, hence the argument that Mentally Disabled Students should be mainstreamed in China.

Flores, (2007), pinpoints that, t he symptoms of the illness are only treatable through the administration of medication, and psychotherapy. In some circumstances, diminution may as well be used to help the condition. Medically indented method is able to contain approximately 67% of all the situations it has been tested with while psychotherapy controls at least 83% of the condition ( Flores, 2007) . However, for the two methods to be effective, the student who suffers from the condition should be well identified and closely monitored. This makes them to be assisted to stick to the prescription without a violation which accrues to quick recovery.
It would be more effective, when the public is aware of the students suffering from the condition.

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This because, everyone who notices a change in activity execution is able to assist the student to control the effects of the condition. It is better when everyone is made aware of the students suffering with the situation, hence Mentally Disabled Students should be mainstreamed in China. The victim plays 48% towards treatment, parents and relatives 12% while the close friends and immediate partner represents 21%. The reminder 19% is the role that a medical practitioner plays as far as the condition is concerned.


Variables percentages victim 48% parents and relatives 12% close friends and immediate partner 21% medical practitioner 19%
A pie diagrammatic representation; The combination of all the above efforts yields, better results hence it is necessary to have the Mentally Disabled Students mainstreamed in China.

The condition varies in different people ( Crow, 2006) . For some, the illness does result to periodic happenings that require detailed medical support and treatment. There are cases where some of the victims require no support, while others do need occasional support. There as cases those are in need of dire support from varied angles such as substantial and ongoing support, for them to be productive. This support is hard to provide and satisfy by one individual and a pooling of efforts is significant hence the argument that the Mentally Disabled Students should be mainstreamed in China. This could help out as the government, family and educations organizations try all they could to see that the particular students are able to partake their studies effectively.

According to Lieberman, (2007), t he students who suffered from the condition are statistically in need of 23% of emotional support, 38% financial support and 26% of family support. The reminder13% represents the roles of government. To achieve all these, it is necessary to ask for the public support hence the Mentally Disabled Students should be mainstreamed in China.

The Statistical representation of this is as follows; Emotional support 23% Financial support 38% Family support 26% Government support 13%. The radar chart representation is as follows;Due to the fact that, mental illness is technical to handle, it is practically and significant to argue that all the variables are interrelated. This is because each factor role play is essential to the eradication of the mental conditions.


Mainstreaming is an educational model that is involved with the combination of both immobilized and handicapped students into the standard classes ( Zins, Michael, Janet & Ponti, 1998) . This is opposed to their severance as per their education abilities and prospective. Mainstreaming has the ability to give each apprentice disabled or not the archetypal experience that is associated with the classroom familiarity.

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From Gearheart, & Mel, (2004), educational mainstreaming in USA was commenced after the 1975 signing of the "Education for all handicapped children act." It was in this act the requirement of the government of USA, to avail to all the students who were handicapped sufficient funding provides they were in the age bracket of 3 and 21.This was set to ensure that these students were receiving free and sufficient education.

China should as well come up with the mechanisms that will see the mentally disabled students mainstreamed. Some of the most probable mainstreaming approaches are the setting amalgamation; where the mentally disabled students are coached at the same location as the normal kind, though they cover separate units or different department of their institutions of learning. This is an approach that is associated with the permitting of the minute contact between the students; those with special needs and the normal scholars.

Mainstreaming in china of the mentally challenged students and the normal students will ensure that all the students are learning in the equivalent surroundings. This would kill stigmatizations, and facilitate oneness and helping of a friend to get what they might not have grasped at the first instance (Alur & Timmons, 2009). An approach such as this will ensure that the students are able to interact and build positive relations with each other after the realization of the fact that disability is not actually inability.

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Third, from Sands, Kozleski & French, (2000), mainstreaming of the Chinese mentally disabled students will ensure that they are able to learn from the regular scholars some of the basic skills. This is due to the fact that, one of the student is able to partake the normal things that a normal person is supposed to do, which facilitate the critical conditioning approach to learning of the mentally challenged scholar. Mainstreaming advocates for the customization of the classrooms to meet all scholar needs. This means that, students are able to learn from each other study materials hence facilitating understanding and intellectual growth.

Deppeler, Harvey, & Loreman, (2010), argues that, other advantages of china embracing of mainstreaming include the fact that many of the mentally disabled students will be able to respond better and they will be working harder due to the promising situations that they shall be subjected. More so, these students, are be able to realize improved scholastic triumphs and they will have improved highly on self esteem and the general substantial healthiness. The other critical aspect that mainstreaming of the students will lead to in china is that it will endorse miscellany and the overall acceptance in the community. This is because the regular students will associate with the other students which make them to be able to live under their conditions hence improving their acceptance in the community.

Mainstreaming of the mentally challenged Chinese students will help them to undertake their studies which promise a better future despite the fact that they are mentally disabled. China has to buy into mainstreaming because the psychologists have argued that "No learning arrangement for a mentally disadvantaged or disabled child can be effective if it is undertaken in an environment that is detached from the rest of scholars. This might be influenced by an indiscernible obstruction of apprehensive curiosity other approaches such as fear."

Basing on such arguments, it is therefore essential to have the Chinese educational system amended to take in both mentally challenged and the regular students in similar classes. The mentally disabled students in china need to be made aware through experience that they are socially acknowledged by both their peers and the synergy of the community. According to Ainscow, (1999), Mainstreaming will make them to believe they are able to learn. Mainstreaming will ensure that the mentally disabled students are thus able to grow up as happy human beings who are healthy in body and academics for a beautiful promising tomorrow's life.


In the history of main streaming, it has been able to produce significant results with the special students. The mentally challenged students; who are able to associate with a classroom environment, are primed for the life after school. China is not an exemption from this and it will work wonders if they do embrace the approach for their scholars linked to the mental disability. It will open their eyes and knowledge pit, hence making the mentally disabled students informed and relived from stigmatization and direct targets of exploitation; servitude in china. Mainstreaming will boost Chinese productivity academically. This will stretch its impacts to the economic gains due to increased productivity of the prior wasted resources and human labour.

It is an approach that requires further research and elaborations, to create a wider picture of the situation being talked of in the incident. China must implement mechanisms to assist the mentally challenged and the first approach is to adopt mainstreaming in the academic institutions. This will widen the facilities and shift the ability to offer assistance and coaching of the mentally disadvantaged from not only the teachers, but by fellow regular scholars as well. Students in similar classroom will be benefiting from each other through the associations and interactions. Therefore, as far as china wish to assist the mental disability issue, it is paramount if it will be able to adopt the educational mainstreaming as a way of getting the effected students more variety to learn. It is in this line that this research is set to advocate for argument that the Mentally Disabled Students should be mainstreamed in China. Such a conclusion has been arrived at due to the uncontested fact that its advantages do overpower risks significantly.



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