Free Essay Sample «Love is a Battle Field »

Free Essay Sample «Love is a Battle Field »

Many people have asserted that love is a battle field where various emotions are traded. It is this combination of emotions in any love relationship, be it love between persons, bodies or nations that make it a battle field that must be fought by the interested parties for each to be successful. Besides, once a relationship has been established; it is strengthened by ensuring that any shortcomings that may arise are effectively tackled. Most of broken love affairs are occasioned by poor resolutions to the issues that face the love affairs. One can therefore authoritatively assert that “strong relationships are worth fighting for.”

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One’s love for a country can motivate him to fight for the country (Daughety 6). For instance, a patriotic American shall ensure that he fights for the country should the country get attacked by a foreign enemy. This is an indication that indeed, strong relationships are worth fighting for. When one is a citizen of a country, he or she is obligated o pledge allegiance to this country. This allegiance therefore calls for executing each mandate for the benefit of the country rather than the person. On the other hand, a person expects to earn protection from harm from the state or country where they pledge allgiances. This creates a strong sense f relationship that may motivate either party into entering into war with an enemy to secure the interest of the other. This proves that love is a battle field.

Apart from the nation-man relationship, another form of relationship that proves that love is a battlefield is the love between the two lovers. When two people are in love, there are many hurdles to be faced which include competition and other discouragements. This therefore forces those in love to be in a constant battle to protect their love. Failure to do so may be detrimental to the relationship especially as the relationship would most probably be brought down by various forces. The lack of enthusiasm for fighting for a relationship often leads to the death of the love affair. This is may be used as a warning that in any affair there are many issues to be fought for and against and the success or otherwise of this relationship is determined by the fight. It is therefore evident that a love affair cannot stand unless there is constant fifth to protect it.

Finally, love can be said to be a battle field as people often have intrapersonal conflicts concerning what to pursue and what to transgress. For instance, one may not be sure whether he or she is iin love for something or someone, or, may not be sure whether the love that he or she feels for another person stands a chance to be reciprocated. This uncertainty creates a recipe for a good intrapersonal conflict. Due to love, one is subjected into a battle within self on whether to pursue or not to pursue. One may be forced to think on possible consequences for making these contradicting feelings known, may wonder whether they shall be accepted or rejected among other fears. The fear of being rejected further exacerbates the intrapersonal battle as an actor weighs the available options. This therefore shows that love is a battle field that forces one to consider various options before executing the chosen option. The fact that people aggressively fight for love further indicates that strong relationships are worth fighting for.

In conclusion, it is evident that love is a battlefield. It is also clear that the strong attachments that people create with other subjects are worth fighting for. It is love that causes people to be aggressive towards each other as they try to protect their love interests. It is therefore logical for people to aggressively pursue their love interest and reciprocate their love should a loved subject be in need of defense.


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