Free Custom «Legalization of Marijuana» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Legalization of Marijuana» Essay Paper

The legalization of marijuana is a critical issues the has the attention of politicians, doctors, and the public at large. Due to the negative effects of consumption of marijuana, it has for a long time been a burned drug in many countries world wide. However, recent development especially in the medical field have seen an increase in call and activism demanding for th legalization of the consumption of marijuana. However, other several groups backed government authorities and agencies stand against the legalization of marijuana stating that it would affect the society negatively. The legalization of marijuana would impact on the society on various ways both positive and negative.

Those championing for the legalization of the drug base their argumentations on the likely positive outcomes of the legalization of the use of the drug. It is worthy noting that noting that marijuana has numerous beneficial medicinal values that would by very helpful to the society if the drug was legalized (Drug War The are over The active component of marijuana TCH has numerous medicinal properties that can be used to treat patient with cancer. cannabis sativa plat have over 400 chemical compounds of which 80 are terpeno-phenol compounds that are commonly known as phytocannabiniods are yet to be detected in other plants. Of these chemical tetrahydrocannabinal(TCH) has been given much attention due to its multiple medical abilities. According to HanfsamenThere is data on record indicating that marijuana has beneficial medicinal effects such as reducing intramuscular pressure, therapeutic effects to glaucoma patients, relieves pain and degenerative process that lead to loss of sight. Marijuana is a good remedy to discomfort and pain that is caused by various chronic ailments

Recorded data on marijuana use also indicate that the drug also indicate that it can prevent seizures in epileptic patients, and bring bout appetite in anorexic individuals. It has also been noted that marijuana has therapeutic effects on Asthmatic problems, helps patients suffering from diseases such as Cancer and HIV/AIDS to overcome the feeling of nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite. The legaisation of marijuana would certainly benefit many patients (Hanfsamen)

Other than benefiting the patienst, legalization of the drug would mean that the drug can be handle by anyone and crimes related to the drug would reduce. Many people, especially the youth, rot on jail due to possession of the drug. Legalization would lead to decongetion of the of jails since the number of people brought in on account of possession of illegal substances would reduce considerably. On the other hand, those opposed to the legalization opine that legalization of the drug would increase its abuse and many people would develop psychotic problems due to its consumption. However, this argument is not valid since people know that consumption of the drug in correct quantities have medicinal benefits but abuse of cannabis is no different from abuse of medication and it can be suicidal.

The opposer state that the use of cannabis slow down the users response and as a result could increase the number of fatal accidents. They further argue that the number of minor using the drug would increase if the drug is legalized since the legalization would encourage development of advertisement geared towards marketing cannabis products by the companies that would invest in the processing of the drug (1st Marijuana Growers Page). This could increase the number children with psychotic conditions. Again, this argument is fallacious since despite the fact that marijuan is currently illegal in many countries, these countries have reported high rate of marijuana consumption that Netherlands where the drug is legalized.

If marijuana is legalized it smoking would be wild spread like the smoking of cigarettes. This would increase the number of secondary smokers and the ailments associated with secondary smoking. However, it is worth noting that legalization of marijuana would come along with various regulation that would regulate how doctors use the drug to treat patients and who can possess the drug. It would also be wise state the terms for industrial production and marketing marijuana products. With proper regulatory policies in place it is noble to legalize marijuana, parting it use for medical purposes in order to better the living condition or health of patient with condition that require the use of the drug.



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