Free Custom «Justifiable War » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Justifiable War » Essay Paper

The 20th and the 21st century are among the periods in history which has experienced the worst wars ever, considering the fact that these war occurred on the verge of technological development. From the past to the recent years, the world has witnessed or read the papers on nation fighting the other in reason with no foundation. The peaceful coexistence of nations diminished on the basis of technology diversity. Remarkably, the instability and threat to nations has increased world crime leading to terrorism attacks which in turn have affected nations’ economy. According to Rockmore et al (2005), the war on terrorism has led to increased spending in U.S. military (10)

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In reference to Iraq war, the U.S. government argued that it was attempting to counter terrorism following the speculations that Iraq was manufacturing nuclear weapons which was beyond the international law. In his justification of the war against Iraq, President Bush argued that the Iraq leader was evil and the country was in possession of weapons of mass destruction which bore threat to the existence of world peace. After the attack on Iraq, the so said weapons were never found. As a result, this war led to post war chaos, with this nation being launched into economi, social and political instability. This has affected the people of this nation; both the guilty and the innocent. Despite the fact that the United States toppled Saddam Hussein regime but exposed the civilians to torture, rape, and even execution by the installed government. As a result this war has elevated human power to a state of utmost tension and it has made the individual who have the courage to tackle it hence the mayhem (Dower 35). Subsequently, it can be concluded that Iraq war was unjust.

The Vietnam War is also among which cannot be justifiable. The U.S. involvement in the fight led to worst repercussion as their air force began to spray chemicals on the vegetation to destroy the hiding places for communist forces and herbicides to destroy food crops which they depended on. Additionally, the Agent Orange chemical caused birth defects in laboratory animals. According to Isserman & Bowman (2003), after Vietnam War many veterans started developing skin and liver diseases and cancer with children having birth defects (96). The American planes were dropping their explosives on civilians. With televised reporting accompanying every step, the images which come into view on the screen made viewers to question about the official justifications for the warr (Isserman and Bowman 107). Moreover, the marines went ahead to set fire on the shelter of peasants with their cigarette lighters which was extreme violation of the human rights to the Vietnamese people instead of helping them from the invaders.

Likewise, the Iran-Iraq war about border disputes, political differences and religious schism had numerous effects to the people of the two countries. It had a negative impact in terms of human and financial costs. Division of the nation, civil wars threat from other nations and possible collapse of the country were some of the possible changes which affected the nations. The use of chemical attacks by the Iraq made Iran weak to counter Iraq. The war left negative impacts on the individual as compared to its intended purpose. Eventually none of the issues which had been the reason for the war was set on since the initial conditions before the war remained unchanged.

Since the struggle for common goals-such as peace- is vital nation’s interest, the commitment to do what is necessary to achieve these objectives should be based on international peace and order. Following this point, international law should be encouraged by setting up international institutions to apply common aspiration to maintain peace.


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