Free Custom «Internet Security» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Internet Security» Essay Paper

To protect you computer and network from the risk of Intentional network based attacks and cyber threats (data theft, identity fraud and Hacking) and also malicious software such as viruses, Trojan horse, spyware and adware. One should always ensure that the spam blocker is always turned on. This will prevent any unwanted message, like fraudulent emails and phising emails do not get to your inbox.

One also has to make sure he or she has adequate anti-virus software and is regularly updated for their computer (Cunningham, 2005). Scanning the computer network should be done regularly to eliminate any malware, viruses, spyware and other harmful problems. The firewall should always be turned on; it is a digitally created barrier that helps ones computer system from hackers getting into it.

One should always ensure that important information is always encrypted so that it is not compromised. One can utilize encryption software, the software "garbles" the data and makes it unintelligible for anyone who hacks into ones computer system (Kilkenny, 2006). Also one should not provide personal information to website one knows nothing about. This is especially in those websites that ask for ones name, address, mailing, bank account number and also ones social security number.

An individual or organization should always create strong passwords for websites that have their personal information stored. To create strong passwords one should use numbers, lower and upper case and also symbols in the password. One should also secure their wireless network and other networks with very strong encrypted passwords a good password should have at least 32 set of characters.



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