Free Custom «Human Resource» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Human Resource» Essay Paper

Employers of different organizations seek to see unique qualities in individuals aspiring to work in their organization and thus look at: their interpersonal skills, verbal skills, persuasiveness, tact, candidness, and personal traits (persistence, creativity, optimism, high energy, poise under extreme pressure, be a self starter, team work, intelligence, and have the desire to increase knowledge. Persistent: shows pride in completing the organization’s long term projects presented to him/her, despite encountering roadblocks in the accomplishment of the tasks one should be tenacious, and resolves to finish the work he or she has started; creativity is important for an individual to posses since it will mean that they will handle given tasks innovatively and on time without having to follow the procedures lad down; is able to handle the obstacles well. One should have the ability to bounce back from the downfalls he faces, is stable emotionally when talking about the hurdles in the organization and more importantly they should view the problems as avenues of opportunities in their career line hence should show resilience and confidence when handling the obstacles at any one time.

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Optimism is also a characteristic that job seekers should have hence enjoys the idea of overcoming obstacles, expresses interest, self-confidence, and exuberance. All organizations need individuals who have a high energy and display zest and vitality at all times. Many a times, there is pressure from all departments in the organization and as such the employee should be able to withstand the pressures that come without affecting the work quality and performance. Employees should do work without being followed by their managers. They should also work well with others to attain the organization’s goal and objectives effectively. Those with strong analytical skills will also be considered by employers.

For individuals to develop their characteristics, they need to be well conversant with the trends of business and globalization that are taking place hence do courses that will enable them get a position in an organization that will be able to nurture their talents and characteristics at all times. They should also motivate and correct each other at all times.


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