Free Custom «Generation Y» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Generation Y» Essay Paper


Before starting our arguments about ambitions of Generation Y it is necessary to understand that which generation is Generation Y. People from different domains of life consider all those people in the domain of Generation Y or Yers who born between a bracket of late 1970s and in the mid of 1990s.  Katherine Welc writes about them as:

About 75 percent of its members had working mothers and 25 percent were raised by a single parent. They have never known a world without cell phones, Internet and gaming, and the use of technology is second nature to most members of Gen Y. Yers, as they also are sometimes called, generally are a very confident group, which sometimes can be perceived as crossing the line to a strong sense of entitlement. (Katherine Welc)

From the above quote it is evident that Generation Y is a generation of technology which born in an era when innovation was at its boom. This generation is fully confident with strong management ethics and also full of ideas. It is one of the beauties of Generation Y that they try to present solutions to a particular problem in a brisk way in order to make the situation calm. The way of communication of Yers is very effective and direct and they don’t talk in implied meanings. So what they say it is based on honesty and this habit of Generation Y is liked by most of the organizations and organizations consider this thing their fortune. The ambitions which Yers have are enormous for example for them each and every thing is taken into account in terms of value and that’s why they aspect higher salaries instead of old generations. They also want that the job schedule must not be boring and it must be easy to handle or it must be flexible. Most of the Yers try to seek remote jobs also called as home based jobs based on telecommuting or online facilities with flexible working hours.

These traits of Yers explained above are liked by the employers so they try their best to attract this generation using different business tact on social web sites like Facebook or LinkedIn with a lot of information which will be helpful in order to make their future more bright and secure. The most prominent ambition of Generation Y is that the employers must be equipped with up to date or innovative technological tools instead of the older ones. So with these ideas of Generation Y employers are also shaping them from the start. Yers are more concerned about reasons which a single man is unable to resolve and rather it’s a team work. So in order to cope with this ambition of individualism employers or companies train Yers with the help of training programs in order to make them more sober about corporate culture or team work. Generation Y also wants that the employers or companies in which they are employees must show a sense of social attitude.

It is important for Generation Yers to see an organization not only as a business, but something that also is involved in the community at large. (Katherine Welc)

The very word of Generation Y is sort of stereotype which is being imposed on the young generation. There are many misconceptions about Generation Y. The mythical views about Generation Y, that they want to joint multinational organizations at higher positions and showing no loyalty at all with the organization just like the older employees have to show their loyalty with the organization, are all misconceptions and rumors. Wallace says about Mackay:

But from her experience, these stereotypes of Generation Y - those 18- to 34-years-old - are no more valid for young people getting into an organization than they are for those with a long career record, says Ms. Mackay, 28, who last year moved to small ad agency Clean Sheet Communications in Toronto after spending the first three years of her career with large agency MacLaren McCann. (Wallace, 2010)

So from the above statement it is evident that it is the ambition of Generation Y that they want to excel in their career in a fast pace so the element of loyalty remains behind. Then Mackay says:

"I think as far as loyalty, we might be impatient, but that is part of the pace of life we're all living today. We are motivated to do our best and advance our career, but that doesn't mean that we are disloyal," (Wallace, 2010)

Mackay is advocate of Generation Y and she says it is the ambition of Yers that they want to fast career promotions instead of doing the job in a pigeon hole. The loyalty of Yers is limited to value and they value themselves in terms of benefits like salary, housing, and company cars. The statement of Mackay serves as a survey data that Generation Y doesn’t want to stay more than three years in an organization in order to find more opportunities for them. Their inner sense forces them to follow the older people in order to get the same status at which the older employees are currently deployed. This philosophy of same status serves as impetus for the young generation to find out the opportunities with higher salaries instead of the low paid jobs. Wallace quotes the wordings of Lisa Fusina the HR Manager at RSM Richter in Toronto:

"Far from feeling entitled, they are serious about doing the best job for their employer. There is a thought about this generation that they are overly confident. It is interesting to hear that so many are gun-shy about the expectations of their employers." (Wallace, 2010)

The quotes of Fusina are remarkable in this context that most of the candidates of Generation Y are over confident and they are unable to pay heed to their job as seriously as it is required by the organization and they have to expect a lot from their ultimate employers. Most of them try to seek jobs in the companies which are rendered as big giant in the business world instead of join the smaller offices. The reason for joining big names is that their family members or friends tell them that if you will be able to get on in a big brand then your future will be safe and sound while the job in a small brand or name is not secure and also not luxurious. These are the ideas which they got from their near influential elements either they are friends, parents or stories told be those people who have faced serious set backs in their lives.

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The ambition of doing jobs in new horizon turns most of the young people in mere frustration because they don’t get sufficient experience of a culture in which they have spent their two to three years. The major issues which are in the life of Generation Y is that they don’t have tolerance and they are unable to tolerate their seniors if they are forcing them to do the task according the will of your seniors instead of posing your own solutions. So it may be possible that the solution provided may be the wrong one but it doesn’t matter for young people and they want only their own satisfaction. These habits of the people frustrate them so they leave their current job and try to find out new business horizon. More or less the thinking of most of the people about young generation or Generation Y is same e.g. Kim Quotes the wordings of Mario Paron the Chief HR Officer at KPMG, an audit, tax and advisory firm:

"I think any student coming off of campus these days is probably no different than people from previous generations: they want a good job that leads to a successful career, they're looking at their future, they want to be successful wherever they go. And that's basic human nature, I don't think that changes," says Paron. (Kim Covert)

According to Paron there is no difference between Generation Y and Older Generation and both of them have same ideas. There is no gap at all between the two according to Paron and he says that it’s natural that each and every educated man seeks a secure and prosperous future and the age doesn’t matter either he belongs to middle career of senior level executive position.  So it is natural and it is the fact that nature doesn’t change at all. Paron says the young generation actually wants to create relationship with their employers and Generation Y has more sophisticated ideas than the previous crop of employees. He states that:

"They do look for much more of that relationship and connection with their future employer than, say, I even did when I graduated some 20 years ago, when you were really just happy to get a job and graduate and go to a place where you thought you could be successful." (Kim Covert)

So the concept of relationship is also there and Paron says it would be of great delight for any one who is a mere graduate and he gets a job and there he feels more secure. The major difference between Generation Y and previous generations is that the Generation Y is less consistent than the older generations and they want change in their life careers or innovation in their careers. When round about 69 million skilled workers were going to be retired at the end of the decade of 1960s i.e. from 1960 to 1970 Hira writes the quote of FORTUNE published in April 1969:

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"Because the demand for their services so greatly exceeds the supply, young graduates are in a strong position to dictate terms to their prospective employers. Young employees are demanding that they be given productive tasks to do from the first day of work, and that the people they work for notice and react to their performance." (Hira, 2007)

The above statement shows that Generation Y wants to create a sort of relationship with their prospective employers in the terms that their employers must value them after the completion of a task. And this thing is inherent in the nature of the young generation.

So in a nutshell Generation Y is inconsistent in its nature though more confident. The members of this generation want quick prospects in their future with the ambition to more problem solver instead of acting as a problem creator in an organization as most of the people have served as problem creator in the past. They remain in search of those opportunities which will provide them lucrative career and their search of career is not limited to the local organizations rather they have to see themselves over the globe with a sound position.



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