Free Essay Sample «Cultural Heritage»

Free Essay Sample «Cultural Heritage»

By understanding our collective cultural heritage, we become more aware of other cultures and respect those people practices different cultures from our own (Whitt, 2009).  This helps individuals to embrace such cultures and stop dehumanizing the people who practice them. In so doing, the world will embrace the shared humanity across time and geographic place; this will help in making us better stewards of a global future. This can be seen in the way people have embraced practices from other cultures into their own. An example of this is the use of Chinese alphabet as tattoos by the people around the world. This has helped integrate Chinese culture into the rest of the world, making people more appreciative of this culture (Friedman, 2005).

In another example, understanding of different cultures has had an irreversible effect on language. Due to integration of cultures, more and more languages are being introduced, changing the way people communicate with each other. This increased communication will help in securing a better global future where trade and free interaction between different people is possible due to better understanding of the similarities and differences in our cultures and heritage (Tausch, 2008).

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A better understanding of our cultural heritage has increased integration between different communities in the world. People travel from one country to another to see their tangible cultural heritage like building and monuments, as well as experience the intangible cultural heritage of other cultures other than their own. Such tourism activities have helped improve trade between countries hence reducing the unemployment of the developing countries where there is such cultural attraction. Without better understanding of our collective cultural heritage, such tourist activities would not be possible (Tausch, 2008).

Cultural integration, learning of different languages and tourist activities enhance our understanding of cultural practices and the shared humanity which has enhanced global integration and trade. This has led to globalization which is our global future (Friedman, 2005).


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