Free Custom «Arguments of Authority» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Arguments of Authority» Essay Paper


Arguments from authority focus on arguments that have conclusions supported by authority. The argument has its basis on authority. The strength and weakness of the support depends on the quality of authority in question.  No person can be perfect for everything, but the things he does tend to be perfect to some extent. This paper is an authority argument that focuses on two opposing sides and draws a conclusion from the information presented.


Training people to think for themselves is like training people to be terrorists. People in the world think differently and act differently according to what they believe. This makes the world a place with full of diverse characters of people. People think differently concerning matters that seem clear. For example, something good to one individual and become dangerous to another person. For example, ice-skating to some people acts as a fun activity where one can enjoy during their free time. However, other people characterize the activity as a life-threatening activity and thus cannot be a fun catching activity (Miller &, 2010).

The same applies to politics. Some people look at politics as a way of life that people cannot live without. To the politics should exist because it forms a basis for the world to be organised in some way. Other people look at politics as a dirty game, which encourages corruption and ill deeds in governments. They attach politics to terrorism and the suffering that citizens of countries encounter.  These people should rather do away with politics instead of living with the consequences that come with it.

The two examples show the thinking processes and the diverse reasoning people have over similar issues. Therefore, the argument about whether training people to think for themselves appear to be the same as training terrorists comes in.

Training people to think for themselves serves a remarkably vital purpose in the lives of people. People can never depend on one another in everything they do. They cannot depend on each other about when they make decisions on their personal life and other instances that may require instant decisions. For example, the decision to get married should come from one`s own deliberation because people enter marriages for the rest of their lives and usually they cannot turn back. However, some people cannot make their own decision of whether they want to get married or not. They want to rely on other people to either influence them to marry or force them to marry. The marriage issue means a lifetime investment for people. Therefore, one should think independently and make a decision of what he or she wants out of his or her life (Romeu, 2008).

An example like this shows that, when training people to think for themselves, people get help to become responsible in instances and areas that require individual decisions. However, there exist instances and situations that require people to seek for help and not think for them.  For example, when the society entrusts people with leadership roles, it requires them to help the society move forward in terms of its development. Thereof a situation like this requires the people entrusted with leading the society, to consult before making decisions. The decisions they make affects many people. Thereof, in this case, personal thinking does not carry much weight.

People become independent and do actions without the fear of undertaking things the wrong way trained to think for themselves. When people get training to think for themselves they avoid becoming dependant on other people. It also helps people make quick decisions when faced with agent issues. For example, one could come across an accident scene where people have injuries caused by the accident. A situation like this requires that a person think, in a steady and quick manner, to save the lives of people. Thinking for himself could help to come up with ways that he could use to get those people to hospital.

The person could decide to make a phone call in a hospital and call for an ambulance. The person could also decide to rush and call people to help him to take people to hospital. He could also decide to do first aid to some people as he looks for a better means, to help them.  However, if he person cannot think for himself, he cannot be able to help the victims of the accident. The person may stare at those people and go away. He may also decide to sit there and wait for other people to some so that he knows what to do (Weston, 2009).

People come into the world as individuals and meet other people. When they get out of childhood and start reasoning, they form ties with other and coexist together. They do this because they can think and know the importance of friendships. Therefore, thinking becomes vital for people. The above examples show when people get training to think for themselves, they become better people who can respond to situations that call for their actions.

However, training people to think for themselves appear as if training people to be terrorists. Instead of making people use that knowledge to think for themselves and come up with relevant ideologies, this may turn people into enemies of other people and of themselves too.  Terrorists do actions in order to hurt people or pass their message through killing so many people. Sometimes training people to act on their own thoughts could become dangerous. When you train people to think for themselves, it means liberating them to become free people. This means allowing people to act according to how their thoughts tell them to act (Russell, 2005).

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People think and act according to how the consequences of their action can affect them. Thy first think of themselves as individuals before thinking of others. This happens to be the same way, terrorists think. Terrorists act for the benefit of their own good as opposed to the benefit of many people. 

Training people to think for themselves can mean training them to become enemies to each other. This can happen through the fact that people will act according to what their thoughts tell them to act. Sometimes, the society establishes rule systems, obligations and laws to limit people from doing everything that they think of doing.  Training people to think for themselves means that the laws that existing is invalid. This means that people act according to their thoughts and not according to the expectations that the society has on them.

Terrorist actions end without solving any problem. Instead, their actions cause more problems and suffering to people. Training people to think for themselves can have the same effect. People can use this chance to do things they hold as right and cause havoc. People must act relating their actions to the consequences that come from them.

Training should take place to help people think to conform to conform to societal values and avoid vice. Training should not happen to make people turn against the society just to serve the interest of their thoughts while hurting other people. Training people to think for themselves should act, not for their own good but for the wellness of other people. People exist in the world needing comfort and support from other people. People should offer comfort and support to other people in this world. Training people to think for themselves can result to a situation where a person acts to derive personal satisfaction or take advantage of the situation for personal gain (Weston, 2009).

From the two opposing side of whether training people to think for themselves acts the same way as training them to become terrorists or not, several issues come out. When people get training to think for themselves they can become independent and act as rational beings towards their betterment. People can distinguish right from wrong, thereby, engaging in the right actions only.   

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Training people to think for themselves can create an instance where people engage in actions for their own benefit while hurting other people. It can make people turn against one another because each one of them thinks their thoughts to be right.

Training people to think for themselves is right because it does not guarantee that when people think for themselves thy become terrorists. Schooling helps people to think for themselves. Because of schooling, the world has become a better place to live because people think and come up with better ways of doing things. Eve when people have no training to think for themselves, terrorism still exists. Therefore, training people to think for themselves has the same effect on terrorism as when no training (Miller &, 2010).


Training people to think for themselves helps to liberate people and make them reasonable beings who can respond to life challenges without fear or compromise. Although this training can result to negative results, the importance of the training outweighs the negative results that come with it. It becomes better with people who can think for themselves and the consequences of their actions rather than living with people who cannot think for themselves.



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