Free Custom «Arguments for Capital Punishment» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Arguments for Capital Punishment» Essay Paper
  1. It makes sense it is against human rights to subject anyone to life imprisonment because in prison, there is an exposure to diseases. When infected, there is less attention in terms of medication. It is better that prisoners are punished there and then and this will make them careful enough before trying any mischief. This goes handy with the saying,” once beaten, twice shy.”
  2. It also makes sense because when young ladies and women are imprisoned, they face a lot of challenges such as rape among other sexual abuses by the prison staff. In the process, they might contract serious sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS.
  3. Capital punishment is a legitimate solution because:

a.It is a fact that people are the ones building a nation. Each and every individual has got a role to play. This therefore implies that subjecting one to imprisonment leads to subsequent decline in terms of the development.

b.It is much better to subject one to capital punishment than imprisoning them. This will not only make one learn from his or her mistakes but also gives a chance for others to know what is wrong and right.

c.Imprisoning someone is costly yet at the same time prisons are not conducive enough to reform offenders. 

II. 3 Arguments Critiquing a Position


  1. It is ridiculous to allow someone who has committed a capital offense to go scot free after some strokes of the cane that momentarily pains him or her. There is a high possibility that he or she will find it easy or tempting to repeat the offense. Therefore caging an offender is in the interest of the wider society.
  2.  It is very improbable to think that caging human beings can give a long lasting solution, but it can only be considered be effective if it provides solution to the problems affecting the society. Instead, these convicts are subjected to several years of psychological torture (Reich 453). To surmise it is that competent courts find them guilty, they are a problem to the society and capital punishment is a wanton treatment which cannot instill or reinforce acceptable norms.
  3. Caging convicts who are mentally ill is also ridiculous. Rather, the prison department should conduct some mental health screening because this will prevent more deaths. After they are put in isolation they harm themselves leading to death or even more complications. It would be prudent if they are separated on a gender basis and from the rest of the prisoners. It is noteworthy to point out that the government has demonstrated that it can easily cater for this (Mandery 201).
  4. Contrary to what people say about budgetary allocation for imprisoning offenders, the government has neither been called to justify nor has justified its expenditure on other non-issues like invading Iraq and Afghanistan. Similarly prisoners are humans and from a religious point of view life is sacred and therefore thing should die naturally and not from capital punishment (McLennan 120).

Summary of the initial position

Human beings should be treated well no matter where they are. It is true that caging human beings makes their lives more miserable. They are denied access to their families, their workplace, as well as their own liberty. Locking up prisoners does not give a long term solution. It all sums up to a waste of billions of dollars which could be used to meet other relevant societal needs. The prison department argues that locking inmates is a solution to both the prisoners and the whole community. As a result, many of them become sick when they are incarcerated and some end up taking their lives.  Human rights organizations have fought for so long to see that the rights of an individual are respected and taken care of (Reich 89).


From this debate I have leant that caging convicts is not a solution to crimes in the society and in the meantime the government end up losing more money in misplaced priorities. These monies could be used in other forms such as creating employment and providing training to the convicts. Also I have learnt that there is no proper screening of convicts for mental sicknesses before they are put into prison. It is therefore, in the mutual interest for the government and the society to bar persons with improper conduct by imprisoning them. They are better off in prisons, capital punishment inhuman and ill informed.



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