Free Custom «Why We Should Have Invaded Iraq» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Why We Should Have Invaded Iraq» Essay Paper

We should have invaded Iraq because Iraq was secretly training terrorist groups. The dictatorship under Saddam Hussein provided operating bases, training camps, headquarters and other support to terrorist groups that fought the governments of neighboring Iran and Turkey, also Palestinian groups that were hard line. During the gulf war of 1991, Saddam ordered several terrorist attacks that failed on US facilities. In 2003, Iraq was listed by the state department as sponsors of terrorism. Hussein was suspected of developing weapons of mass destruction which were feared because he could collude with other terrorists to launch very dangerous attacks in the USA. Both mujahedeen-e-khalq and Kurdistan workers party were sponsored by Iraq. Kurdistan workers party is a separate group that fights the Turkish government. Iraq has also provided grounds for the training of Palestinian groups that cause chaos in Israel. It has also supported the Hamas movement of Islam’s. This means that if we had not invaded Iraq, terrorist groups would continue to rising, and gaining power. This could eventually lead to increased terrorist attacks in the world.

We had to invade Iraq because it posed a threat to the national security of America due to its dictator, Saddam Hussein. He was a threat to the United States security since he had, before then, used the disastrous weapons of mass destruction upon his people. Iraq was a threat because Hussein had sworn that the United States was a national enemy of Iraq. This was also the case with al-Qaeda. Iraq had terrorist connections, which became a threat to the United States. In Iraq, murders of innocent people were so common. Iraq had engaged in terrorist attacks on neighboring countries which meant that Americans could be targeted easily. The worst of it all is the pursuit and utilization of weapons of mass destruction that Iraq had. For the safety of American citizens, and the world at large, we had to invade Iraq and ensure that the criminal plans that Iraq had against America were thwarted.

It has been revealed that Iraq sought nuclear weapons. This therefore called for worldwide attention on ways of ensuring that these weapons of mass destruction did not pose any danger to human beings. The solution was to invade Iraq and ensure that it did not manufacture nuclear weapons or sell them to neighboring countries. In 2003, president bush asserted that Iraq wanted to purchase yellow-cake uranium from Africa. Yellow-cake uranium is the most active ingredient in the making of nuclear explosives. Further investigation revealed that Niger had entered into a contract with Iraq such that it would supply about 500 tons of yellow cake to Iraq for the manufacture of nuclear weapons. On the 7th of June 1981, an aircraft that belonged to Israel bombed a nuclear reactor that had been constructed for the manufacture of nuclear weapons. The facility was built in Osirak city, but lucky enough it was destroyed before it became operational. The bombing were justified because Iraq would use the deadly weapons on their enemies, who included America.

In Iraq, torture is still a routine despite the killing of Saddam Hussein. It is still common to witness Iraqis being hung by their wrists, beaten and others killed. The best way to ensure that these tortures came to an end was to invade Iraq, and try to make people and jailers follow laws and rules. Iraqi intelligence agents, police and jailers, are committing abuses and systematic tortures of detainees. Human rights are being ignored as political opponents are the most common targets for arrest. There are wide-spread violations of human rights. In a group of 90 that was questioned, 72 said that before being brought to court, they had been ill treated and tortured so severely.

The United States should have controlled the oil reserves in Iraq. If we had not invaded Iraq, it means that they would still use the money they got from exporting oil on buying and researching on the deadly weapons. This invading incapacitated its ability to invest in those dangerous weapons. Mr. Satterfield, state department Iraq coordinator, stated that the declaration of principles was nonbinding, and hence it would not tie the capabilities of administrations to come in the future. This is because the United States of America had made changes to the economic landscape of Iraq which paved way for the increased control of the US over oil in Iraq for the many years that followed. The control of oil by the United States of America would ensure that the terrorist groups that are prevalent in Iraq do not get funding. Without funding, terrorist attacks would be harder to accomplish. The United States of America invaded Iraq so as to ensure that humanitarian rights could be adhered and respected. Iraq was a country that was known for supporting terrorist groups, torturing its people and misusing funds that were meant for development. When America decided to invade Iraq, it had the aim of ensuring that human rights were respected and followed. Civil war had torn the country apart, as it became a danger to neighboring countries.

Iraq did not pose a danger to America. As a result, America should not have invaded it. The white house stated that it was invading Iraq so that Hussein could be stopped from putting into use weapons of mass destruction. However, the United Nations weapons inspectors destroyed all of Iraq’s major nuclear, biological and chemical facilities in the 1990s. Therefore, Iraq did not present any military threat to America (burley 2006)

There has been no evidence to proof that Iraq trained terrorist groups. America did not have to invade Iraq because the United Nations should have intervened to ensure that there existed no terrorist groups in Iraq. While Iraq was under the reign of Hussein, the dictator, militant groups like the al-Qaeda were existent. It has been proved that Hussein was a secular leader, as opposed to al-Qaeda leaders who were Muslim fundamentalists. Therefore, it is not correct to conclude that Hussein was always in support of such militant groups. There was no evidence that linked terrorist groups like al-Qaeda with the government of Iraq. Bush sent a letter to congress saying that diplomacy would be wasting time.

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The bush administration stated that America must invade Iraq because Hussein had violated resolutions of the United Nations Security Council by abusing his own people and showing interest in weapons of mass destruction. Surprisingly, the United States supports the Pakistan dictator who is nuclear armed. America provides billions of relief and funding to turkey and Israel, countries that are both nuclear armed. It is clear that the war was about oil. The bush administration wanted to control and tap into Iraq oil since Iraq has the second largest reserves of oil. America attacked an innocent country and took its resources. This was not a good reason to invade Iraq since it is a sovereign country that has control of its resources, which should be un interrupted.

America should have left Iraq to deal with its own issues like the civil war and humanitarian issues. The United Nations had the responsibility of ensuring that human rights were upheld. There was no need for America to interfere with Iraqs issues. America decided to intervene in internal issues of Iraq, yet Iraq was a sovereign state that had the ability to solve its own problems. By so doing, America violated the provisions of the United Nations peace pact. Torture in Iraq should have been left for the Iraq government to handle since the issue was so big enough to require external interference. (Edward 2008)



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