Free Custom «Governance of Media» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Governance of Media» Essay Paper

Media violence is defined as an act of killing or disturbance shown in a realistic manner outlet such as movies, music videos, television, and video games. Most people blame media violence that it is the cause of violence in society. Most people do not agree with this as there was a research which was produced by Bates College in Lewiston, and they found that violence was an extremely crucial part of entertainment in the Roman Empire. The contests, which were between, the gladiators, were used to describe regions subjugated by the territory as roman lands. These media are also extremely essential in one’s life today. People need to entertain themselves today, and some like watching those films of fighting. These films like the wrestling when being aired cautions the viewers that they should not try what they are watching at home. So the government has no role of addressing the issue of media violence because the producers have already warned the viewers. (Terzis.G.2007).

            The government has no role of addressing media violence because of so many things.  In our daily basis, children and youth are the main victims of violence mostly in America as witnesses of violent in their homes or victims of mistreatment, desert or individual beating. The causes of these violent behaviors in the community are multifaceted and unified.  They are mainly caused by use of drugs, unemployment, poverty, racism, not enough or abusive parenting practices, and many others not as to what many people accuse the media. (Gentile.A.D.2003).

            The many communication organizations have rules and regulations that they must adhere to them when they are bringing their programs or videos on air or through the internet.  So the government should have no role in addressing them on what to bring. The organizations have experts who guide the teachers and parent on how to face the issue of violence on children lives because they are the most affected. NAEYC, which is the nation’s largest organization for early childhood professionals, believes that the media has to be very effective as an educational tool to the children so, people who are condemning the media as the cause of violence are very wrong. The government has no role because they do not know the target audiences of these programs. Researchers have seen that television viewing is a highly, multifaceted, cognitive activity, during which children are actively involved in learning. So these organizations support the effort to use media in the right way to expand the knowledge of the kids, and as well to endorse the growth of helpful social lives. (Freedman.L.J. 2002).  

            The government  should not address on media violence because parents, guardians or teachers are there to tell their kids what they are suppose to watch on television, and not to watch. The producers or the media have gone ahead and, before bringing the program on air they indicate the program is suitable for people from a certain age, so parent should guide their children whatever is not suitable to watch. Parent should have the responsibility of limiting their kids on time to watch these movies and videos. Children should only be allowed to watch their programs like cartoons or educative programs. (Kirsh.J.S.2006).


            The government has no role of addressing media violence because the producers of these films and programs are also doing business, and they have the right to make their own money like any other business. Before producing them, they have to follow the rules and regulation so they are not doing anything wrong. To some extend viewers are the one to blame because sometimes they get access to some things which they are not suppose to see. So the government has no role in addressing the media violence audience should be the one to know what is good for their eyes and that which is good for their kids. 



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