Free Custom «Cloning» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Cloning» Essay Paper

Cloning is the artificial production of and organism that is an exact identical of an existing one. Cloning already occurs in Humans and animals (Cibelli et al Pg. 4). This is found in situations where identical twins are born at the same time. This leads to the question on what is wrong on reproducing stem cells or full animals or plants, which is not a deviation of nature but a compliment to nature and the possibility of bettering that which comes with flaws.

There are three distinct types of cloning: The reproductive cloning which leads to coming up with a full replica of the animal in question and which has brought out a lot of opposition, the Gene clone which is a means of reproducing alike DNA or genes and then there is the Embryonic clone which refers to the method used to come germinate tissue that will replace the ailing body tissues and speed up healing.

The fact that when the term cloning is used what jumps into peoples minds is human cloning shows how misunderstood cloning is. First, the church is not opposed to all forms of cloning (Stem cell research and Human Cloning Para 2). The Church allows for scientific research on where the sanctity of human life is not put at risk and the possibility of cure or food security is evident. This seems to be an application of double standards to me.

While those who stand on the ethical grounds on cloning argue that it is not acceptable for human life, there are many forms of cloning. There is cloning for different genes or other parts of the body like hair, and even cloning for plants.

Opponents of cloning put the argument that cloning is akin to reproducing a identical person without him going through the normal process of growth and their fear is there may be genetic disorders in the clone that may have adverse effect on it.

Another argument is that the offspring of cloning might likely have defects that would not have happened in the first place had cloning not happened. This is despite the fact that cloning has led to break through in producing high quality grade animals that now yield high amounts of milk, more meat and in plants crops that have more output. With continuing research it is possible to reproduce a perfect specimen that will not have to undergo the challenges of growing up and this means higher production of beef, poultry and other farm products.

Scientific advances always have a profound effect on the lives of men. , changing the nature life. Some are tragic discoveries that bring misery to humanity, others are like a double edged sword capable of alleviating suffering or bringing it like nuclear energy that can be used to make bombs or power technology that brings ease to the quality of the life of man. With cloning the results can only be toward solving problems that man has been faced with for centuries.

With cloning of genes there is the probability of rejuvenating cells that are long dead, or speeding healing. With proper cloning sportsmen have the ticket to getting back to action within a short period by having the ligaments they have torn replaced or healed through therapeutic clone’s. This is the cloning of stem cells to produce replicas of a tissue that has been damaged and using the cells to heal the said part.

A lot of resistance especially from the Churches and others who stand one ethical grounds are that cloning is morally wrong. They argue that it is an abuse of life, that the natural course should be let to take its course. What they forget is that cloning has been used to sustain that same life that would have died out had cloning not been used.

The greatest opposing voices on cloning have been the Church, basing its argument from a moralistic point of view. The question is can we afford to let f these great scientific promise because the church said so? The churches have to move with the times, they have been wrong on scientific facts for so long over so many issues including the fact that the earth revolves around the sun that we cannot let their dissenting views drag us off course or derail the discovery of techniques that can be used to prolong human life or make it worth while living.

The amount of funds that are required to ensure research into cloning goes perfectly well and within the confines of the law are a check that there will be no rogue scientists out there doing what is beyond the regulations of the law. In this technological savvy world the possibility of holding such experiments in a facility without being discovered is minimal so we need dear nothing about the future of cloning falling in the wrong hands.

Opponents of cloning argue that reproductive cloning will affect the natural order of growth and lead to a situation where natural reproduction will be relegated to the methods of cultivating only the seemingly dominant members of a species. This is an utterly wrong perception from crusaders who have no facts to support their cause. Governments have set up guidelines that ensure this situation will never arise. Even where total ban on reproductive cloning has been instituted, the go ahead that has been given to researchers is not on a whole scale basis or reproduction (Mazzoni Pg. 154).

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The pros of cloning far outweigh the cons. Take food security for instance. With famine having become the order of the world and the first world countries having to use their already overstretched resources to give food aid to the third world countries, cloning of animals and plants presents the chance to bridge the gap between having food to feed to world or watching people die a painful death of hunger. In cloning the ticket to eliminating that picture that flashes on our TV screens of pot bellied malnourished child in far off Africa. Unlike what has been preached by those against cloning, studies have given cloning a clean bill of health hence the green light to go ahead after studies shown that products from cloned animals are safe for human consumption (FDA. U.S. Food and Drug Administration Para 3).

Plant and animal cloning too offers a chance to ensure that we preserve species that are near extinction. Man is the keeper of the legacy of the universe. Through cloning he has the power in his hands to ensure that neither fauna nor flora gets to get wiped out during his watch (Ilani Para 3).

All said it seems that the future of cloning is bright. Countries like the United States, Canada, Britain, France and the Netherlands which had earlier put a blanket ban on all types of reproductive cloning have opened a window of opportunity to scientists who are pursuing various results in the cloning world.

The issue of cloning rings a tone similar to that of atomic energy. Since the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War the use and advances of Atomic energy has been greatly monitored. This has not meant that an advance in the technology has been adverse to mankind: as a matter of fact the use of Atomic energy has had more pluses in the life of man in times of peace than in times of war.

This is the same fear people have, that cloning will take a deviant path. Let us not lose faith in the morality and uprightness of the ways of man and above all, the belief in making the world a better place when we think about cloning and only then will we wholly embrace the gems that advance in cloning will bring to mankind.

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Cloning, like all other technologies that baffle the mind of man from the sheer brilliant results they come with is another harmless step man has to take to counter the physical wear of bodily needs, usher in new un-thought of medical break through’s and solve the perennial problem mankind has always faced of food scarcity if only we are bold enough to open our minds beyond fear to the possibilities of controlled research.



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