Free Custom «America`s Attitude Regarding Peace and War» Essay Paper

Free Custom «America`s Attitude Regarding Peace and War» Essay Paper

For quite a long time the American nation has been involved in many wars. This is quite apparent even when considering the country’s history even during the colonial times (1775–1783) when America was fighting for its independence. However all these have been triggered by some core factors. These factors include America’s peace keeping missions or any other reason that made the Superpower feel it being its obligation to ultimately result into a war. Apparently all the wars and peace keeping missions are as result of America’s stand or rather attitude towards war and peace as discussed(Mary E. A. Buckley).

An example to consider is the America’s attitude towards the war on terror and the war in Afghanistan. It is worth noting that a clear analysis regarding America’s attitude towards peace and war can only be achieved by largely considering the public’s opinion towards the same. Regarding the September 11 war, the resilience with regard to the American spirit just after the attacks is quite apparent as spelled out by the surveys. Considering the times when criticisms of the American government remain strong, the American citizens normally give both Bush and Obama administrations and generally the government as well, credit for safely leading the nation. Due to their love for peace, they greatly appreciate the government and they believe that it can protect the citizens(Axelrod).

Generally most of the Americans have shown satisfaction with the efforts by the federal government. They lean on the sense that their government is yet to stretch satisfactorily towards protecting the citizens. Considering most of the polls, it has been proved that most of the citizens believe that the terrorists are not close to winning though the same people are not sure whether their country has succeeded in overcoming terrorism(Axelrod).

In conclusion it is obvious that the American country mostly results into war in order to enhance peace especially when dealing with terrorists. However in this case it is of great importance for one to avoid misinterpretation of the America’s attitude towards war and peace, the condition is war in order to enhance peace. Otherwise in general America believes in peace maintenance and it sacrifices its resources to fully support restoration of peace not only at home but also worldwide.



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