Free Custom «Paragraph» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Paragraph» Essay Paper

People have varying preferences on how their houses should look like and the interior decoration. This would depend on a number of issues: social, economic, environmental and so on. Regardless of the preferences, a two storey building is big enough to provide the required living space. A storage room is very useful especially when you have important things that are not often used but need to be kept. Any room might be used as a storage room as long as it is the right size. For an average family with two kids, a 5’ x 5’ would be ideal. This could be used to store school related accessories, clothes, books, garden tools and sports equipment. Regardless of the size of the room, it has to be carefully arranged so that it could be easy to locate an item whenever its needed. A cabinet or drawer can be very useful in keeping small items to ensure that they do not get lost. A storage room won’t be of much importance if items are cluttered (Bishir & Buchaman 328).

For more privacy and ample learning environment, the second floor would be the best place to locate a study room. This room could be used to do a number of things that may include reading, doing homework and relaxing but the most important of all is for research. This therefore calls for enough consideration when designing it. A 12’ x 19’ study room would be good enough although the size might vary depending on individual’s taste and preference. Soft colors are the best for study rooms to make one feel relaxed. For instance blue or green colored walls would have a calming effect. Bright colors like orange, red or yellow should be avoided at all cost since they can cause some tension to the student especially when he is studying for exams (Bishir & Buchaman 328). The study room is one of the rooms that should be mot quite in the house and that why it should be far from the living room.

The living room which is also known as the sitting room or the lounge room is one of the most used rooms in the house. It could be used for entertaining visitors, reading, watching television making it to be full of noise. For it to be made more comfortable, furnishing like home theater, sofa sets, big plasma screens are normally added. However, it is important that the room is not overloaded with such furnishings to improve on its interior deign. An average living room would be 16 feet by 16 feet. To ensure that the room looks appealing, the furnishing should be attractive and more so of the same shade (Bishir & Buchaman 345). Different accessories like curtains, ceiling fans and lamps could also be added to make the room more comfortable and relaxing.

The Kitchen is also a favorite for most members of the family and is normally full of activities. Just like the living room, a lot of bonding goes on here with members chitchatting and giggling. Unlike in the past when the kitchen was more of a place for mud work, modern kitchens are never hidden and even family guest can freely go in. Most people nowadays prefer bigger spaces for their kitchen and are mostly located adjacent to the living room(Bishir & Buchaman 345). It is important to consider enough room for furniture, appliances, tools and gadgets while still leaving enough elbow space to maneuver.

Unlike the kitchen and the living room, the bed room is usually a personal heaven. A two storey house would comfortable accommodate three spacious bedrooms but this also depends on personal preference. The layout might also vary but most people prefer the master bedroom being located on the first floor where there are very few activities going on for more privacy. The children’s bedrooms could be on the second floor next to their study rooms. It is important that bedrooms are made to be solitary sanctuaries for relaxation and sleep. A comfortable bedroom should be big enough to accommodate a comfortable bed and other personal accessories. An 11’ x 11’ bedroom is good enough. Bedrooms are normally decorated as per the occupants’ personal rules as long as they are comfortable (Bishir & Buchaman 346).

The Asia culture prefers gardens that are green and begins just nest to the wall. Bamboos and grass like plants also work best under the Asian culture with an addition of accessories such as pagoda statue (Kilpatrick 65). However each individual has his ideal garden. The most important point is that it should be located at the focal point of the homestead which is mostly in the front part. The garden should also be kept clean and fresh by picking dry leaves, watering the plants and trimming them to the right size.



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