Free Custom «Notes on Conceptual Architecture» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Notes on Conceptual Architecture» Essay Paper

The initial architectural objective has in the past been regarded as to provide shelter. This shelter exists as an idea in the mind of many artists in order to provide enclosed and access in their art works. This principle or idea has been passed on as the basic part of architecture metaphysic. The dislocation which in the past involved the use of basic materials such as straw, mud and stones to build the caves has been transformed in the modern times art idea of privacy that makes use of possibilities inherent and experiences in the most public and most private mans institutions. In such a context, architecture serves the role of investigating new and modern occupational form possibilities. This is the traditional architectural form that has now been dislocated in the essence of its reconstituting metaphysic. The newly introduced dislocation has been used as a motivation of the ever changing relationship between the world and man. The architecture metaphoric representations have continuously brought changes in the world of art. The estranging vector resulting from this metaphoric context has not been the subject of post modernism treatment or volition of the past simulated symbols. The anxiety of architectures should be to address how the resolutely exists (Benedikt and Battcock, 1968).

The art theory concept results to the heated arguments on the stylistic innovation that have been included in architecture. Such arguments go as fa as the metaphysic part of architecture. The theory gets as far as neo-classical which can be regarded as being dislocations. The theory is considered by others as being inappropriate regarding the architecture and work of art in the past. The theory states that anything that is new in art has to be a dislocation. Other architectures believe that any new inclusion in modern architecture is not dislocating nor deeply conservative. Modernism in the architectural essence is out to propose the metaphysic that is classical of the natural law governing architectural status (Panofsky, 1968).

Most of the current autonomy emphasize on the nature of objects as it seeks to conceptual it through poetry, music, painting, sculpture and poetry. Such a result is in reference to the objects inherent process and properties. It is the disciplines raw material and the process involved that remains the main focus of arts modernism. The object seizes to depend on past antecedents but on its history. Compared to the past, works of art don’t act in stimulation or replication service, but the real act of having paint being applied on canvas. The difference is evident in journalism and poetry in that in poetry the writing meaning comes out as its own after a period of time. The art act communicates and resonates in the initial meaning (Chomsky, 1968).

As shelter has remained in the minds of most artists as the main idea of art work, in the architectture metaphysical state, it stands out in the physical presence conceptual reflection in the lack of any material sense. Considering this perspective in relation to the traditional architecture founded on main truth vectors can be viewed as some ideological attempt to have architecture absence screened without physical emphasis. Now that shelter manifest its presence always in construction, it tends to get stable with time thus eventually becomes institutionalized. The process of building is necessarily a process of showing presence. The architecture act concept is the transformation, critique and institutions creation. Hence architecture can be regarded as being a paradox as it contradicts the building institutionalizing process. Now that architecture has continuously kept its distance from the boundaries limiting it as it always opens up to changing process while becoming institutionalized. The concept has the potential of being concurrently created and critiqued because of the institutions it constructs (Karshan, 1970).

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The work of art has in the recent past taken part in fiction generation of archaeologies, histories and narratives breaking out from the past archaeology of truth and origin in its metaphysic perspective. Archaeological frank and explicit context dependence on misinterpretation of fiction while appreciating the lack of truth. The modernized architecture expects the work of art to be as real as it has never been (Lippard and Chandler, 1968).


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