Free Custom «Letter of Intent» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Letter of Intent» Essay Paper

Once, I overheard a famous Canadian architect, William Terron, saying that, in order to succeed, you must do your best on every single step in life – only then you will qualify for the next, greater step. His philosophy became a source of strength in my subsequent academic and professional experiences which eventually brought me to the University of Virginia’s School of Business and which now prompt me to transfer to an additional program. I have made this choice in favor of the UVA School of Architecture and its Bachelor’s in Architectural History as a natural result of my long-time passion for the subject, my past academic wanderings, and my profound interest in this School’s faculty accomplishments and research.

It all started long ago when I was a little boy tirelessly erecting structures and tiny villages from Lincoln Logs and Legos. For hours I could watch my dad with fascination as he wired buildings in our cozy neighborhood. My neighbors would never miss a chance to have my dad on another architectural project for their homes – he was the best, no doubt. As I was growing older, I began to question what I saw – I wanted to know what was the architect’s inspiration, what was the reason for choosing the style, plan, and overall architectural setting. I also held an intense interest in the vernacular of the area, the story of the people, and how they used architecture to accomplish their tasks – farm, live, survive… All those puzzling childish questions had not vanished over time but made me think of them even deeper.

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At that time, things turned out differently, however. I went to a business school hoping someday to toil over the bottom line of some corporate monster and make a lot of money. I did the prescribed courses in economics, trade, and finance with flying colors. I was satisfied with what I had, but I still felt something was missing from my curriculum. I wanted to experience, to learn, to build, not just calculate. One summer, I went on an internship in the Highland Center in Monterey where I succeeded in securing a $480 k loan for construction of an Agriculture Center and meat processing facility. That was where it clicked together! I finally figured how to combine my skills in business administration with the childhood passion for building things. The experiences at the Highland Center prompted me to reverse my opportunistic ambitions in business and make them flow along with architectural history. I made a firm decision to transfer to the School of Architecture. At one point, my plan was in jeopardy: I had to withdraw from two courses this semester and take care of my father, who had been injured in a severe accident. Luckily, things got back on track and I am now prepared to push forward with the architectural dream that my father had instilled in me back in the day.

I am convinced that the UVA School of Architecture has the very environment where I could continue my growth in line with my future aspirations. So far, I have taken several courses in Architectural History and have loved all of them – it is like that “aha!” feeling that you know you have found your niche. Various architectural applications in business and the community make me feel whole and mesmerize my creative and analytical mind. I also find it thrilling to behold the unforgotten and unnoticed structures in the American landscape – the barn, the shed, the storage building! I am particularly interested in the American architecture of the 17-19th centuries, its developments and fragmentations. The renowned faculty and wide research expertise of the UVA School of Architecture makes its Bachelor’s program in Architectural History one of the most prestigious in the nation. I am especially looking forward to being able to work Dr. Richard Guy Wilson who works in the area of research that I want to pursue. I have already taken some courses from Dr. Wilson and would like to write my advanced paper on “__the topic___” under his counsel as well. Thus far, I have completed 90% of requirements for this major and, if I’m admitted, I will diligently undertake the rest of the program’s coursework showing the best of my assiduousness and creativity to benefit your School and fulfill myself professionally.


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