Free Essay Sample «Brand Architecture»

Free Essay Sample «Brand Architecture»

Brand Architecture is an integral part of business management and strategy. It can be defined as the organizing and naming structure that is utilized to manage the product portfolio of a company. Companies continue to come up with multiple brands on a daily basis. Haig (2011) confirms that branding architectures have proved to be a necessity in order to promote the smooth running of product lines. Companies may choose branding architectures to be monolithic, endorsed, or freestanding, depending on the architecture that best suits the company. With an effective and well-chosen branding architecture, the marketability of a company is significantly boosted. The management of these companies will be considerably released from the burden of costly advertising; this is because effective brand architecture will have brand names that are well embraced by customers.

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Temporal (2010) states that a good branding architecture will assist the management of these companies to identify products that are failing in the markets; thus, they will be able to give attention to such products, in order for them to return to their prime in the markets. When a product does well in the markets, a clearly identified and defined branding architecture causes customers to be aware of and to praise the corporate body that is behind such a product. This will help the managerial team of such corporate bodies to be aware of products that have been successful, where this has happened, and in what ways. With such information, the managers will be capable of seeing how they can increase this effect, and even duplicate it on their other products. In the same way, where there have been losses or problems, the management of these companies will see problems rectified in the shortest time possible.

In addition, clearly identified brand architecture will help if a company has both weak and strong products in the market. People will be able to refer to the good reputation of the successful products and the good name of the company; these will significantly boost the popularity of the weak products in the markets, and will reduce losses to the management of the corporate bodies. 


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