Free Custom «Art History» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Art History» Essay Paper

My actual names may not be of any significance to you. I am quite clear when I say you and you should not be disgusted in any way. This is simply because I am a renowned architect working in different nations with different names in each country. To avoid further dismay, simply call me Paul. I am an experienced architect having acquired different multinational architectural skills working with different urban developers. I am very interested in acquiring more skills and participating in the evolving architectural world. One of my achievements is that I have played a major role in participating in overseas history-making event; Romanesque architecture which has existed for several centuries in Western Europe and still witnessed.

Since I have worked for several countries in the Medieval Europe, I am going to tell you about general architecture. As you are all aware or have heard about Romanesque, its product is quality constructions having thick walls. This will guarantee you a full satisfaction and assurance of the building stability. The architecture is also characterized by cylindrical arches, which can be extended to join the towers which are design to widen to facilitate decoration. To further enhance the structural stability, I encourage strong piers with well-laid vaults. You can as well visit my home to view some wall pictures I have drawn.

When it comes to building materials; we encourage consideration on the locality. Just as few examples if you are a citizen in the following counties then take note of this. Use local stones for walls like bricks in Italy, Germany and Poland. Alternatively, limestone, flint and granite can work properly. They should be shaped into asymmetrical pieces then joined using mortar. Likewise the same materials can be used to construct piers to support the arches. However, if the building does not bear a lot of weight, use monolithic stone fragment (Martin, 1994). I also advice you to consider using marble columns alongside laid stones which will help you while making decoration.

In conclusion, materials vary from country to country but I highly encourage you to; use wood to construct; roofs and ceiling and timber especially for churches. For internal decoration, you can opt to use either stained glass or paint as long as the drawings conform to the uses of the building. Finally, this is a good, impressing architecture and I encourage you to adapt to see the image of our building beat the foreseen next century designs.



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