Free Custom «Architecture in Ancient Greece» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Architecture in Ancient Greece» Essay Paper

The great works of history in ancient Greece can be well captured by its architecture, which comprises of temples, which were used to praise gods and goddesses (Belozerskaya & Lapatan, 2004). The temples were divided into two, the Doric and the Ionic. There is also the Greek Theatre which was used to showcase plays, comedies, conducting of poetry and music. In addition, the theater was used as the focal point of all formal meetings. The work of architecture in ancient Greece can also be seen in the Greek Stadiums used to draw together all the major towns of Greece in competitions such as athletics. These meetings helped strengthen the relation between the different states of Greece. There is also the Greek Palaces which were constructed for the Greece leaders (Breeze, 2003). The importance of the Greece architectures is that it has continued to influence the building design of the modern-day world. The games played today have their origin in the Greece stadiums where countries joined in these games and worked towards a more united world such as in the Olympics.

Architecture Art Deco

Architecture can also be seen in art deco, which touches on, graphic design and painting. It is primarily for decorative purposes and can also be used in interior design, in jewellery, and in fashion design. Art deco was mainly used in America in the mid 1930s such as in the Chrysler Building and in McGraw-Hill Building (Breeze, 2003). The significance of the art deco is that it brings in a new way of doing interior designs and a new way of thinking in the art industry.

Visual art

The great work of art in Buddhism can be shown by a collection of paintings and photographs that bring a sense in the world around us.  The visual art work of Buddhism can be seen in the photographs of Gansu Maijashan which is a beautiful carving of a stature. There are photographs of forest monks which gives an idea on the life of the forest monks. There are also many photographs and paintings of the life of Dalai Lama, who is considered as His Holiness. The importance of this visual art is to draw people to the Buddhist culture which is full of empathy and philosophy. The photographs of Dalai Lama show a loved person who is kind and full of humanity (Leidy, 2009)


The work of visual art can be used to capture an artistic movement on romanticism, experienced in the 18th century in Europe. It was a movement against rationalizing of nature by scientists, and it was about intense, personal expression. It is well captured in novels and poems. Some of this great works are ‘The hunchback of Notre-dame’ which is an outcry of man’s inhuman nature against fellow men. The importance of this visual art is to teach people the importance of caring for each other, promoting individual liberty, and bringing to an end the era of slavery (Berlin, 1999).


Civil Rights Movement

The use of film teaches many life lessons. Films stir up social issues of the past, present, and issues to come. Films have been used to capture the Civil Rights Movement such as in the Hollywood movies. An example of a film capturing the civil rights movement is ‘The Long Walk Home’ which was against segregation in the use of buses in towns. The film touches on the racial discrimation against the blacks by the white. It shows people boycotting use of city buses on one hand, and people boycotting against the end of segregation on the other. It was a movement which went for three hundred and eighty one days.

The significance of the film is in drawing the attention of citizens on the importance of integration and equality in the use of public and government resources. The film will help students see the use of gestures, dress style, figures of speech and associate with the environment. In addition, it teaches on the value of using non violent means while in search of justice.

American civil war

The American civil war has also been documented in films which captured a historic period from 1861 to 1865. The four-year war resulted in over 60,000 deaths.  The American civil war started after the election of Abraham Lincoln where some states declared secession from the rest while other states supported the government. The Civil War inspired classic and contemporary works to portray various angles of the conflict and time period. A good example of this film is ‘gone with the wind’, ‘God’s and generals’ and ‘the red badge of courage’ (Cahil, 2011).


Slavery in America

The great works of literature can be seen in slavery in America. The slave trade involved the shipment of Africans from their native lands in West Africa to go and help the commercial and development interest of the Americans in the 19th century. The literature includes poems, narratives, novels, and pamphlets that show the peak of the slave trade. Examples of the literal work depicting the American slave trade is the work of Shakespeare, ‘Othello’ and the works of  Aphra Behn's Oroonoko; Or The Royall Slave (Buell, 2004). The importance of this works is to draw the evils of slavery and freedom of all human kind and stop stereotyping Africans.

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Feminism literature has also been well documented. It is any literal work that is based on the struggle of a woman for equality and justice and be recognized as a human being without being stereotyped. Some work includes fiction and non-fiction written by both men and women and they promote feminist movement. These literal works include Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics by Bell Hook and Woman in the Nineteenth Century by Margaret Fuller. The importance of these literal works on feminism is to give women their due rights in the society and have a change of attitude towards women and a respect on their expectations (Gearge, 2011).



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