Free Custom «Architectural Designs » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Architectural Designs » Essay Paper

An architect’s duty and responsibility is in designing and planning of physical structures. Architects will mainly argue on the creativity of the design or form and composition of mass. Each architect aims at bringing forth a creation of design that maximizes on the available products. An architectural design can be an insight to the definition, constitution and even depict the behavior of the architect.

Architectural designs of projects ensure that the final project will reduce the pollution and create awareness of environmental conservation.

There are comparisons that can be drawn from both architects of New Children Museum and Inner City Arts (ICA) by Bob Wellington and Michael Maltzan respectively. New Children Museum is structured in downtown San Diego. In the creation of the New Children Museum, Bob Wellington in his architecture hopes to capture an environment that creates community togetherness as his building is situated in downtown and he hoped to create togetherness of people whose lives are busily scheduled. His design involves an area where both the young ones and the old can equally be at peace. He incorporates spaces that ensure children are at their maximum creativity and that parents have a relaxing space when the children are playing.

On the other hand the Inner City Arts (ICA) by Michael Maltzan is also situated in the heart of people with busy lives. His design is in downtown Los Angeles. He too was creating a masterpiece that would ensure it provided a place for people to come together. According to the interview with Culture Monster he was quoted stating that his creation or design came after the riots of L.A. and he hoped to create a piece that confronted issues faced by the city. According to him, his design piece is aimed at older people such as students in the real studio environment.

Architecture depicting creativity of the architects

The two masterpieces of architecture are both creative in their own ways. As for New Children Museum by Bob Wellington he structured his design to be self sufficient and affordable which can be reflected in the roofing which is saw tooth and has solar panels to generate electricity. The centre created by Michael Maltzan though it does not directly attract graffiti, it is an area where creativity is at its best and the interaction between professionals and students clearly depicts this.

Architecture to show contrast of the architects

The main contrast between the two architects depicts the characters or the behavior of the designers themselves. Bob Wellington is an environmentalist and this has been clearly shown in how he has utilized natural light and ventilation that has been achieved through low leveled doors and windows. He has also incorporated prefabricating architecture through the use of recycled materials. Luce et Studio who also took part in the construction of the museum designed the museum to have administration furniture such as desks and tables out of recycled steel and road signs (Ulm 42). The factors of affordability, environment and quality can be reflected to the design and use of prefabricated material (Kieran and Timberlake 69)

As for the creation by Michael Maltzan, it reflects his need to have peace between people. This is shown as he is quoted saying that the original idea of the design came after he witnessed the L.A. riots of 1993. The design firm, Nancy Goslee Power and Associates reflected Michael’s idea of peace by painting the walls of the entire campus white in color. A critic of the Times architecture Christopher Hawthornewas reported to have stated that the decision to having the campus painted white was a stubborn declaration of hope. Both architects have created masterpieces that aim at bringing the community together. According to Michael Maltzan, the centre aims to offer interaction by bringing professional artists and students together.



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