Free Custom «University of Pittsburgh» Essay Paper

Free Custom «University of Pittsburgh» Essay Paper

It has taken me two years to realize what a great influence my younger brother has been on my life. He is one kind of a person who has considerate discussions about what is the best places to spend time, and the best things to do, a man who has time for his brother, and the kind of a learner who will not waste a single minute of class or reading time.

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Growing up with such a role model, I have developed many enthusiasms of him and his place of study- University of Pittsburgh. I not only came to love communication and business for the sake of knowledge, but for the opportunity the two will give me of giving back to the community and gnerally the world in exchange for a new logic of  life, love and fortitude.

While I treasure what I have already learnt in communication and business, my life has been equally transformed by what my brother narrate to me about the University of Pittsburgh. It has also been boosted by my two visits to the university, one being during my brother’s admission day. I really loved the environment and the modern learning facilities in the institution. I am an outgoing, and an open minded person. I am strong willed and express my opinions without fears, and experience has taught me to accept viewpoints and opinions that are contrary to mine.

I am hardworking and I have never had an intention of altering what I believe in to suit the ignorance of acquaintances and friends. If people have a negative view of me because of that I believe in, then they must be so superficial that they cannot see the person in me. I am never apprehensive of being perceived as fanatic of my brother for transferring to his university, even though I will Endeavour to support the nature of standards at University of Pittsburgh to various institutions in the world.

Thank you for the consideration extended on my application and I hope to be at University of Pittsburgh this fall.


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