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Undergraduate Application

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I came from a big family surrounded by very inspirational male figures. Being the oldest grandson in a Jewish family, a lot of responsibility has been placed on my shoulders. Success through hard work and determination has seen one of my heroes, my grandfather, go through so much yet end up achieving the impossible. My grandfather is a holocaust survivor who had to start from scratch after the Second World War. From opening a dry-cleaning shop to running a successful real estate company, I look up to him as an inspiration knowing that anything is achievable through hard work. My father too studied in Germany, Israel and Canada and obtained an MBA plus a Masters degree in Physics and has built a successful company, he is a real inspiration.

I have my own dreams and aspiration and I do not want to live under my father’s shadow.  Though am expected to take over my father’s company at one time, with all due respect I have no intention of doing so. Education is the tool that I need to open all the doors for me to achieve all that I know I am capable of. I want to be a pioneer and invent something that will change the world, and just like my grandfather and father, make a change in the world for the better and help make it a better place. I want to be an inspiration to other young people, especially Jews.

I am a bright student with big dreams and a good education will instill in me the power to achieve all that I am capable of. My dream from the age of ten is to study abroad as it will offer me the best exposure to the best education, limitless possibilities and expose me to other bright minds from all over the world  and just like it did for my father, allow me to change all the impossible into achievable.

Buy custom Undergraduate Application essay paper cheap

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