Free Custom «Undergraduate Application Essay» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Undergraduate Application Essay» Essay Paper

Throughout my life, I have always known that education is the key to success and that hard work pays. Being raised by my grandfather life was not so easy and I had to strive in order to get what I want. This has made me concentrate on my education more than anything else in life. Since grade school and also high school, I have always done my best to attain high grades in order to join the best college in Ecuador. I even transferred from Ecuadorian high school to Cushing academy which is a boarding school, so as to gain the best skills. My dream has always been to study business and economics in the best school. Where I come from life is not easy especially for unemployed. I have always wanted to improve the lifestyle of the people from my hometown which is Ecuador by the knowledge and skills that I will gain in college.

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Considering the fact that I grew up in the small town of Ecuador, I was only exposed to the culture of the town. The values I acquired my entire life were based on the teachings and practices of the town. My personality is purely based on this particular culture. Joining the college implies that there will be manyindividuals from different places. As a result, there is bound to be a diversification of culture. This is because these individuals will be from different communities. Mingling with my fellow students to-be will diversify my culture. I will be able to adopt those cultures that are superior to mine, and the same will apply to the other students. Eventually, I will be a better person. I will be able to grow not only in terms of academic knowledge, but also in terms of being a better person.

Having been brought up from a low standard background, I have learnt all the good moral values and how to relate with people in a huge environment. I have learnt to be honest, respectful, trustworthy and above all a responsible leader. I am used to relate with people from different backgrounds without mentioning my leadership quality that I gained from being a leader in Ecuador high school. I even won a leadership award, and represented my school in a debate congress in Hague where I was named Thimun. I believe through my past experiences, I can enlighten my peers and help them to think more openly and facing life positively. Even though I come froom a low standard background, I believe I got all it takes to fit in this college. I have always believed that education brings light to the world and I would be grateful to achieve this from this college.

I have heard a lot about this college and I think it will help me in expanding my knowledge in business administration. I have been raised in an environment with low levels of technology and I believe that learning in an institution with high technology levels, I can attain the best grades in the college. I can always be grateful for having the privilege to gain the skills in this college especially the modern technology.       

Joining the college would help me fulfill my goals since the college has all the requirements that I need to enlighten and sharpen my skills. This will largely contribute towards shaping my future in line with my career. This will also help me in upgrading my community as well as the entire nation in its drive towards economic growth and development. It is my sincere hope that I will be among the students chosen to join this college. I look forward to the approval.


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