Free Custom «Transfer Application Essay» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Transfer Application Essay» Essay Paper

At a young age of 10 years, my parents introduced me to the world of computers by buying me anold 64 MB Compaq computer with a 3 GB HD memory. SincethenI took a close interest in computers and understanding their concepts. With exclusive attention in the field of computers, I happened to be one of the top highfliersin high school. This was because of the numerous national and international programming contests that I participated in. I pursued my dream and joined the Kazakh-British Technical University where I was awarded a presidential scholarship to study in the USA. While at this university I portrayed close interest in transistors which led to the knowledge that the inventor worked as a professor at Illinois University at Urbana Champaign. Being one of the leading engineering schools in USA, I made studying at that school my top goal.

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            My interest to study at the Illinois University at Urbana Champaign was cultivated after I devoted one year at the university studying language. Comparing this university and the Kazakh-British Technical University, I stand a better chance ofpredominating in computer science. It is my dream to be among the unsurpassed in programming, simulating multifaceted algorithms, writing and simplifying codes, and developing high-end computer solutions. The circumstanceplacing Kazakhstan is a young country is disadvantageous to those who opt to study computer science there. It is because of inadequate number of top-achieving professors and lack of reliable facilities. However, at Illinois University, I would be tutored by some of the best professors using third generation facilities and equipment.

It is my paramount need to study at the Illinois Universitybecause records demonstrate that it has been one of the top achieving engineering schools in USA. My academic goals would be realized in this institution because it integrates innovation with passion. I have a passion for programming and computer science is the academic path I chose to survey.


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