Free Custom «The Climb» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Climb» Essay Paper

English is a language one cannot gain command over in a matter of days. It takes years of learning and practice to obtain the flair of speaking and writing, especially to those of us who are not originally English. English cannot be excelled in through passing just one course. In fact several years of schooling makes one strong enough in the language and climb up to the status of accomplishment. It takes several readings, and conversation practice to become confident in it. And the best place to learn it is in the homeland of English, where native speakers live. This brings me to why I am here to learn English and why I think I am suitable and have the potential to be successful in the course of English. I am not a native English speaker but my knowledge, understanding and background has enabled me to be an effective part of the English community. Having a Chinese background and a life full of inspiration for English and an educational background that makes me most suitable for an English course, I believe I will be a success in EWRT 1A.

I grew up in China, having an educated family which by far stood firm on my academic excellence and brought me to where I am today. My father is a doctor by profession. My mother belongs to the same industry, bring a nurse. Together, they have always been very keen on giving me quality education and enabled me to aspire for achievements and accomplishments. They have put in a lot of efforts on me as a child. They put sufficient emphasis on my learning of English in my early years of schooling. They would buy me books to read t home in my spare time. We were not rich but my parents saved throughout my childhood to have sufficient money to afford my education in the US in future. But before that they wanted me to be fully equipped in the language of English. They knew it takes a 360 environment to fully grasp the language. Books, TV and games, all involved the usage of English. My mother would reward me with new clothes every time I would finish a book they gave me. I was highly motivated to pursue the education my parents desired for me and seeing their efforts and hard work and dedication I gave them back the return they desired and did not let their efforts go to vain. When the time was right, and before sending me aboard, I got admitted to an international school, which was expensive and also far from my home to further enhance my knowledge and understanding of international standard education. There they prepared me for a life of self-dependency, where I learned to take care of myself on my own, having obtained the feeling of high responsibility and self-discipline I was now fully prepared to venture to US, all thanks to my parents and my life-long learning and accomplishments in the language of English. It was based on their efforts that I ventured to climb the difficult path of learning of English. My family has giving me the courage and passion it takes to withstand difficulties to accomplish achievements. With this strong background that brings along inspiration, passion, enthusiasm, strong focus and aspiration, I have achieved academic achievements that have made me well equipped to stand strongly in the course I am taking now of English.

Talking about accomplishments in English, my academic background is nothing short of high exposure and maximum practice of the use of English. Let it be in writing or speaking, I never restrained myself from obtaining high grades in the subject all throughout my schooling. I knew exactly how important my academic excellence was to my parents who had put in their efforts and money to enable me to climb high in education, I never let their dreams or mine fall down. I pursued my education keeping my aspirations in mind and thus my educational background in my high school is evidence of my passion and strong determination to succeed in life based on English. I studied in a high school located in Yangzhou, China. It is a foreign language school, which offered m grammar and sentence structure skills. By studying revising essays at high school I effectively learned how to correct the sentence structure errors, such as run on and fragment sentences. I remember the first time I wrote an in-class essay, I wrote everything based on my outline, but I didn't go back to check the grammar before I submitted it. I made lots of simple mistakes at that time. Later on, I tried to go back to check each sentence before I submitted it. My essays flowed better, and became more academic with time and practice. On the way climbing the mountain towards excellence in English I saw lots of beautiful accomplishments as I reached higher and higher which was the happiest time for me. I became efficient in organizing essays. Preparation for TOEFL test further enhanced my writing and grammatical skills. My essays became more structured and meaningful as I learned to strongly make my points and support them with knowledge and assertion. I always put the least important supporting evidence in the first body paragraph, and put the most convincing one in the last body paragraph.

I remember quite well my book review of “Into the Wild”, which talks about a smart young man escaped form a well-to-do family who hitchhiked to Alaska, and how he sacrificed for his dream land. My thesis statement was “Although McCandless chooses a life of nature and freedom, he ultimately makes a horrible decision because he is unprepared, selfish and ignorant”. In the body paragraph, I explained how his decision is horrible. The evidence included how McCandless was being unprepared, selfish, and ignorant. This made my essay all the more well-arranged and well supported scoring me nothing les than the highest grade in the class. My secret is that I always ask myself several questions before writing a paper, and think about which factor is more deep understanding. In addition, by attending EWRT211 at De Anza, I learned how to make a metaphor when I tell something hardly understandable. “Leaps of Faith” is a narrative essay, written by Alma Luz Villanueva. She uses certain metaphors to attract readers’ eyes and makes this essay effective and meaningful. Thus, my previous knowledge and experience in English combined with the current learning that I am consuming, I am headed towards a successful path making me bright student of English.

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Every little step has meant a lot for me and I have learned a lot that relates to my grasp of English, let it in my early influence of my parents or my schooling. By persistently climbing up this beautiful mountain, facing different kinds of difficulties, I become more confident of my English. I will keep my faith, and keep climbing and I believe taking this course I would be enabled and equipped to climb further into glory in the language of English as it has allowed and continues to allow me to explore my talents in the language and how effectively through my writing I can excel in education and in life.



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