Free Custom «Request for Money to Finance my Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Request for Money to Finance my Education» Essay Paper

I have worked with Kuehne-Nagel for four months to date in the position of a sea export coordinator with devotion and passion so as to experience the company’s growth. In addition, I credit my achievements so far to having completed all my assignments in relation to this position within the set targets and excellent association with the management. My goal is to be a manager in the future with a vision of increasing the profitability ratio of this organisation through utilisation of minimum resources.

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Therefore, I’m kindly requesting the four current serving managers to grant me $9,000 as assistance to finance my higer education. I would like to undertake the Employee Tuition Assistance program that is offered by the company but I do not have the funds to see me through the program. I believe in success and growth for the organisation that I’m working with and could probably rise to the position of a Sea-Freight Manager, Sales Manager or a Regional Manager. I suppose this will be made possible through the fervour and commitment to long term service delivery.

I have much confidence that once I complete this management program, I will put my effort in my work unequivocally for the net years that I will be working with you. I consider the prrogram as an investment due to the fact that I will be in a position to tutor my juniors in the work place and foresee the implementation of various strategies set up for organisational success. Through the experience I have achieved so far in my current position, I believe that further qualifications will accelerate my skills and make me a very resourceful employee in terms of meeting the company’s objectives.

In conclusion, I’m kindly requesting the management to look into my request and grant me the funds to enable my enrolment in the next program intake.

Thank you and eager for a positive reply from you.


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