Free Custom «Program Applied» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Program Applied» Essay Paper

During my high school years my interest in the food and hospitality industry grew tremendously. The urge to serve my country in this field compelled me to enroll for a Diploma in Dietetics course fresh from high school in the Oman Institute of Public Health. My parents were so supportive and were not adamant in allowing me to follow my inner passion. They actually introduced me to people who gave me abundant advice regarding my field. They also provided endless financial support for my education which saw me smoothly through college. Following the little exposure in the field after my fist diploma, I decided to further my scope and learn management hence took another Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management at the Arabian Training Centre which was collaborating with the University of East London in Oman. I later took a higher diploma in the same course at Taylor's college in Malaysia. Being exposed in the medical field for four years, and an interest in management heightening, I enrolled for a Bachelor in Hospitality Management and followed it up with a Masters in Business Administration at Strathclyde University; UK.

During my undergraduate years, I refined my interest in hospitality and got a better approach in management. I also took detailed study in international relations in the hospitality industry and also sharpened my managerial skills. In my academic strive, I have worked hard towards being the best and offering my paramount devotion to my career path to fill the void present in the hospitality sector in the world.

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My 10 years working experience started far back after my first diploma as I worked in the Armed Forces hospital in Oman at the capacity of a diet technician. My interaction with the patients further influenced the passion for the health and hospitality department. My counseling sessions with patients helped develop a humanitarian attitude to the society at large. The zeal to do management was heightened when I was a trainee at the Hyatt Regency Malaysia which I later reinforced after holding a position of a Catering and hospitality officer in the Army. Being in charge of all hospital managerial tasks and as the chief adviser pertaining any catering, health and safety regulations also added to my skills. I have also gained further experience being the Head of Health and Food Safety Department in the Royal kitchens. Supervising the large number of employees in the department equipped me with excellent leadership skills and a chance to interact with people of several races. Having a family and children to look after has also taught me to be responsible and a good disciplinarian. Interaction with my wife and children also helped me polish my communication skills. Family has also helped me to be an evaluative problem solver which is very vital virtue in management.

Having gained an adequate experience in the business management and hospitality arena, and generally the corporate world, it would only be better for me to follow my intuition to the highest degree level. In order to broaden my skills in management, I have had a great compulsion to study in your institution. This comes from my career line, where I have greatly interacted with successful alumni of your institution and I have realized I will be able to complete my career aspirations in the institution. Having read the prospectus of the graduate school of your institution, and keenly noted the competitive rates at the institution, I greatly feel this is the place to be. The adequate facility and student exposure in the field will be of immense contribution to my aspirations. The numerous research and career guidelines will serve to better my overall knowledge. Am greatly obliged that my dreams for a PhD in your institution will be fulfilled and hence my service for humanity furthered. Attending your graduate school will give me the greatest career motivation in my quest for success. I highly hope that you will offer me the privilege of continuing studies at your excellent institution.


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