Free Custom «Personal Statement for Electrical Engineering» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Statement for Electrical Engineering» Essay Paper

My names are Adel Jemaan Alzahrani and I am a Saudi Arabian citizen. I am twenty eight years old and I was born in July, 24 of 1982 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I currently study in Georgia Southern University and I entered United States in February 2006 with a F1 visa sponsored by The Saudi Cultural Mission. My hobbies include learning about new technologies, soccer and visiting new places.

My deep interest in electrical engineering technology especially in the area of communications has in any occasions provide me with a focus in my life that I think many people spend all their lifetime to find. To me Clemson University’s master program in electrical engineering will be a perfect fit to my high aspirations and aptitudes for my future career as an electrical engineer and a specialist researcher in the field of communication and networks. It’s therefore my sincere desire to continue my studies in master’s degree in your honorable university.

Currently I am a senior student at Georgia Southern University and the semester of spring 2011 is my final semester. I major in electrical engineering technology and I have managed to finish 127 credit hours out of the possible 134 credit hours and I have attained a GPA of 3.62 out of 4. During my academic ensue I have been placed in the presidents list two times and in the deans list also twice. At the course of my studies in the institution I carried out a research in the field of communication and I specifically focused on the 3G wireless technology which captured my keen interest on the new technologies. Furthermore I have done a tremendous amount of reading in the field of information technology especially the new technologies that have revolutionized our tech world of communication and fostered information transfer and sharing.

According (Telfer, 34) the United States is a known leader in the world in the fields of technology and education and this is why I trust that my talents and ambitions will be able to reach its full potential if I pursue my master’s degree in one of its esteemed universities. The master’s degree program in Clemson University is very attractive to me because it has a reputation which it has been built from past successes and experiences. The university has been recognized and ranked highly for many times by the academic ranking institutions and I believe it will be the best institution for me to undertake my academic ensues. It has a diverse and happy student body coupled with excellent facilities which are utilized to achieve the set goals. The institution is a vibrant student-centered community which offers educational as well as enrichment opportunities which create leaders and entrepreneurs who are focused at solving real-world problems through the public service, outreach and research. I want to be one of such individuals who makes world a better place through the use of their talents, careers and character.

My personal attributes include creativity and originality in everything I do. I don’t fear facing challenges and this is possible by the fact that I have and indomitable will power that has kept me on the right position to overcome various difficulties. I am also a person with an enterprising spirit which helps me a great deal in finding innovative and well thought solutions to difficult problems that I face on my day to day living. I am brave especially when it comes to facing by shortcomings and often give my self a credit on my great ability to self-analyze, self-correct and self-stimulate and this has been of great help to me as it regards to my past successes and I am very optimistic that such strong attributes will lead me to attaining even greater success in the future. It is my heart felt desire that my future success will be attained with the help of my master degree program in your esteemed institution.



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