Free Custom «Personal Statement» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Statement» Essay Paper

I am a citizen of the US and I have been admitted to the United States of America for a permanent residence. The need for self development and improvement has pushed me towards coming up with opportunities for growth. This mindset I and my friends to try to go beyond our abilities in the hope of creating the betterment in our careers and look for the solutions to the questions that we always face. Even if there are several obstacles and hindrances a long the line, we make a good use of each other as a learning instrument and we are optimistic that one day we will be successive and able to reap our experiences. With such in mind and determination, I wish to express my strong interest of applying for the FDA Commissioner’s Fellowship.

I have been having an intention and motivation of increasing my competency in the field of science. I strongly believe that this high competency in science will enable me to expand my capabilities further as a professional and also enhance the creation of new developments that can help the human race. The need to effectively respond to and solve the complex queries that are raised by man has given me an insight of pursuing a direction towards higher education levels. Due to the nature and complexity of the FDA Commissioner’s Program, I strongly feel that it is a suitable choice will lead me towards achieving my set goals and objectives.

To comply with the high standards of the program, I have made appropriate and adequate preparations that will enable me to become a suitable candidate in this area. Looking back, I obtained my PhD in Biomedical Sciences last year but this did not terminate my pursuit for enhancement. This is why I want to join the two year FDA Commissioner’s Program for further enhancement which I cannot gain through an ordinary employment. Your program is good for me and I thank you in advance as you consider my application.



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