Free Custom «Personal Statement» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Statement» Essay Paper

I am a young Russian lady who immigrated to the United States after spending seven years in my country. I now live in United States of America and I have attained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Webster University Saint Louis, Missouri where I majored in business administration and management. My family decided to relocate to Ellisville, Missouri in the United States of America to look for a better life due to the poor living conditions back in Russia. We now live in America and I have started loving the country and have earned a good foundation in business administration and management from Webster University Saint Louis, Missouri which has enabled me to competently work in the field of business. In order to benefit from education so far, I strongly feel that I require a quality additional education and training to enable me pursue my long term goals of helping people in the community. The training will also enable me become an expert in activity analysis and occupational well being which will enable me help the many people in developing daily and independent living skills, looking for appropriate ways of engaging the sensory elements of tasks to improve the quality of life and skills such as attention, supporting careers, maintaining meaningful activities and proper health levels and also helping them to overcome the learning obstacles into employment through making the information to them more simpler to understand.

I am always impressed and attracted by the Saint Louis University for both its mission and strategic location. Also, I like the good national reputation of the university alongside its well developed departments and its culture of encouraging academic excellence. I happen to be a cosmopolitan woman who has now seen America and longs to experience the West and I appreciate the American diversity and the multiple cultural celebrations. Thus, I am especially inspired by the professional caregivers at victor’s home care, Saint Louis, Missouri who proved to be the most successful people in the society who managed to overcome the difficulties that elderly patients faced in the society.

I am looking forward to getting a degree in occupational therapy from Webster University Saint Louis, Missouri. I therefore anticipate a high quality education in your program in the areas of the occupational well being. More especially, I look forward to learn how to apply the most modern skills and tools that are used by some professional today. My major passion in life is to learn all the aspects of occupational therapy and understand the complex needs of people in order to facilitate the maximization of the quality of life. I am therefore applying to the Professional Webster University program because it happens to properly match with all my interests and high level of motivation. I am looking forward to attending your program because I strongly believe that it provides a well coordinated and sequential approach to the various aspects of occupational therapy and also to the necessary tools that enables people to become competent occupational therapists.

I anticipate becoming a very productive student of therapy in my life and I strongly feel that the little experience I gained while working as a senior home caregiver will reinforce my eligibility for the occupational therapy program in your university. For instance, I got a chance to work in victor’s home care from 2007 to 2009 where I was given the responsibilities of the senior patient home caregiver which gave me an opportunity to learn and understand how the home care field works. As senior patient home caregiver, I learned how to emerge as an effective leader through acting as a reliable mentor for other members of the patient home and I improved my communication skills which are vital in the care process. Also, I have gotten an opportunity to work in different workplaces such as Daily Queen as a restaurant manager/customer service, U.S Bank where I worked as a portfolio monitoring analyst and a collection specialist III where I gained problem solving skills as an asset and I learned how to be dynamic and adapt to the ever changing people needs and situations.

With my plans in my future career, I strongly need to upgrade myself to new levels with the help of your occupation therapy program in Saint Louis University. I always need to put my best effort at all times in my life and the most significant contribution that I might make to the society would be the application of my well developed skills to the field of occupational therapy and assisting the people and various institutions to deal with many problems relating to people’s needs. In this time, I am looking forward to securing a job and even assume leadership roles in very big institutions that are related to my specialization field. In such institutions, I can be able to assist the non professionals on how to help people in the community and also practically apply the skills that I gain as reality is the most significant aspect of all careers.

I am fluent English speaker and the fact that I studied in Webster University Saint Louis, Missouri has assisted me in inspiring me to high level of concern on global health issues. I feel that I posses a little understanding of the world health problems and people’s needs and I am anticipating to enhance my skills so that I become more effective, productive and an efficient team player in the establishment and development of modern patterns in the field of occupational therapy. Your program is ideal for me as it has the potential of enriching and reinforcing a common good in global health care field. I want to thank you in advance for your consideration of my application.



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