Free Custom «Personal Statement» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Statement» Essay Paper

I have currently studied 14 college credits with a 3.4 GPA (Grading Point Average) which is equivalent to 89 % and an aggregate grade of B (plain); I am qualified to proceed to study a course at college level. I had interest and total concentration in Physics Honors and English Honors therefore I am interested in the advancement of the same field if given a chance to study at your university. During my basic education level, I realized the importance of both theoretical and practical part thus the need to consider the learning facilities available at any institution before enrolling in it. This will enhance the development and improvement of my knowledge on the field.

I have had over 150 hours of community service with many local volunteer organizations. This has enabled the improvement of both technical and operational skills of my field of interest especially the group and organizational communication skills and the application of the technical knowledge acquired in the study of physics. I am interested in joining the varsity teams since I have been participating in the Varsity level athletics. This is a good opportunity to gauge my co-curriculum performance in comparison to that of the other students as well improve my skills in the field by undergoing training together with the other students and doing thorough practice.

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The importance of my area of specialization is that good communication skills are required in all aspects of life as well as all areas of specialization. This makes it essential in any field requiring group work and interpersonal relationship as well the organization of the work. Most of the areas requiring physics skills entail group work because it is mostly the use of machinery. Any successful group work is enhanced by good and effective communication skills thus the need of concentrating on English and physics honors as both rely on each other for success.

Looking forward to favorable decision regarding my application to study at the University of Florida.


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