Free Custom «Personal History Statement» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal History Statement» Essay Paper

Microbiology has evolved into a second nature amid my daily life pursuits. Similar to the symbiotic relationships adopted among some microbes and other organisms, my admission into foster care introduced me into the world of coexistence at an early age. This symbiotic relationship became enhanced when I was finally adopted at the age of 12 years old. This part of my life inculcated in me an in inherent understanding of the interrelationships existing in the field of microbiology. As a result, I have also developed interest to encourage young ones in our American society to utilize challenges they are facing to improve the status of humanity by serving in this field.

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My zeal to give back to society led to my decision to join the US Army. Through display of discipline, resilience and positive attitude I was chosen to join the combat tour focusing on Iraqi Freedom. In the combat environment I witnessed firsthand the bad living conditions experienced by the Iraqi locals, which featured major infrastructural weaknesses limiting the achievement of proper sanitation standards. These experiences sparked my interest in epidemiology with more focus on microbiology thus giving me an upper hand to serve in important research projects. Therefore, it gives me the necessary skill of being able to apply my knowledge in different contexts regardless of the socio-cultural or infrastructural barriers in existence.

While serving in the army in different leadership capacities, this enabled me to interact with diverse personalities on the basis of race, social and economic upbringing. I was able to promote a positive symbiotic relationship among all cadres of junior army contingent placed under my care. Later on, due to injuries I was forced to relinquish my services but embarked on my educational pursuits, which saw me earn numerous scholarship awards with the most significant being the Col. & Mrs. George scholarship award. Courtesy of my unique experiences, I believe that given the chance to pursue the PhD program at WSU, I intend to foster progressive tendencies towards research and knowledge enhancement by encouraging no geographical barriers in widening the scope in the field of Microbiology.


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