Free Custom «Job Application» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Job Application» Essay Paper

I am applying to fill your current need for [enter desired position]. I am a consummate professional with over [enter years] experience in [enter industry] and my managerial expertise in day to day operations has given me the competitive edge this industry requires. I am constantly selected for promotions and recognition for my abilities as a natural leader with excellent interpersonal skills.

As [enter former position] for [enter former company name], my standards of excellence prove my unsurpassed quality of work. Accountable for all [enter responsibilities] of [enter supervised group] under my supervision, I am able to consistently provide top performance and can assure you my capability in keeping this company a prime contender in [enter industry]. My past achievements as [enter position] for [enter company] in [enter city], and [enter position] for [enter company] in [enter city], underscore my innate ability to analyze and prioritize, responsible for millions of dollars in revenue. I have been described as an ideal employee who ensures success and as a great problem solver, always offering solutions to difficult situations. I am resolute in my commitments and strive to exceed the expectations put before me. I deliver unparalleled excellence, and [your company] will benefit from my experience.

I will be happy to send you additional materials, such as annual reviews and letters of reference and am available to meet for an interview at your earliest convenience.

Respectfully yours,

Sean McDonald

At your earliest convenience I would like to request an interview for this position.



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