Free Custom «International Conditional Admission» Essay Paper

Free Custom «International Conditional Admission» Essay Paper

Letter of International conditional Admission

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to apply for the admission to the graduate application to your renowned program in electrical engineering. I am currently an electrical engineering student at American English Institute in University of Oregon and I want to transfer to University of Denver English program. I have also been practicing with my fellow students in the University of Oregon in the department of electrical engineering in the implementation of related projects. Through frequent contacts with my professors, either face-to-face or via class interactions, I have familiarized myself with this course.

Acquiring a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Denver English program will be one of my greatest achievements in my studies. This is because besides helping me to advance in knowledge the English program will equip me with skills required to work in the dynamic field of electrical engineering in different parts of the country. Despite the fact that this course presents a major challenge because of its broad scope I will be glad to take this bold step to continue with the degree program. Also studying this degree at University of Denver English program will give me an opportunity to work with people of various linguistics, and multinational companies.


Due to my absolute desire towards earning the degree in electrical engineering I worked hard in my previous examination enabling me to acquire excellent grades. This performance encouraged me to review my career aspirations. In deed at my early ages I intended to pursue a degree electrical engineering and I knew pursuing it demanded a hard work, self directed and motivated person. I therefore enrolled in University of Oregon for the last one year where, I experienced a different world opening in my career life in electrical engineering.


I came to know University of Denver in the year 2008 while doing online research. Since I enrolled in the University of Oregon I have developed a strong passion and interest in electrical engineering. On top of that, in 2009 I became the only undergraduate student conducting an independent research project in our engineering laboratory. Initially I doubted if I could finish the project in time, because of two reasons.

First, I was merely an undergraduate, and compared with other graduate students who studied electrical engineering, I had to make up additional knowledge in electronics and mathematics skills. Secondly, since I studied mathematics, I had to take considerable number of courses and practice in electrical engineering. However I worked hard and best to my capability to accomplish my homework, not even to mention conducting wide range of experiments for my practical lesson.

My performance at University of Oregon has been excellent. My effort and hard work combined with great enthusiasm for this degree course has enabled to excel in my studies and practical’s. The one year in the University of Oregon gave an opportunity to have a different view about major electrical engineering. It was during this period that I interacted with different companies and people, dealing with electrical and electronics engineering. As a result I have I developed a passion to continue with major electrical engineering degree course at your esteemed university.

One of my outstanding qualities is his good command of English, both spoken and written. I am also an extraverted person who is always ready to attend various research activities and lectures, thus he gets more opportunities to talk to professors who are native English speakers. I never hesitate to ask professors questions and exchange ideas. During the last vacation I developed mutual communication and relationship with my professor. Through the use of mails we have maintained long term communications, thus I feel I am in progress not only to research maturity but also to advancing my electrical engineering skills.


It is therefore with sincere conviction that I wholeheartedly present my application to be considered in then admission in the graduate school of major electrical engineering. This is because from my previous knowledge in this field I have an exceptional research motivation and capability, outstanding communication skills and more importantly. Besides this I am a hardworking and humble student. Attached are my resume and past academic performance results and qualifications. I would greatly appreciate it if you will favorably consider my transfer request to your esteemed University and degree program.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours;



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