Free Essay Sample «Common Application Personal Essay»

Free Essay Sample «Common Application Personal Essay»

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), is an organization which was initiated in 1958 by the United States government. This organization is charged with the United States’ science and technology advancements in space exploration and airplane manufacturing standards. The organization deals with different space issues for instance, the building of satellites used by astronauts in studying the solar system. Scientists allied to NASA study solar system and other heavenly bodies. When NASA was started, the main aim was to create a human space flight but with program successes from Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, it gained an impetus to do more.

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NASA has new programs which scientists and engineers are planning to create a versatile rocket and a spacecraft. The most interesting thing is the functions which the new spacecraft would be expected to serve. It will be lifting astronauts and tourists to international space destinations and sending them back to earth. Their expectation is that by the year 2020, many people would have landed in the moon and start living there. After landing in the moon, the inhabitants will create an auto space. The auto post would aid the astronauts in studying other planets and at the same time sending others to Mars. My cousin brother, who holds a doctorate in electrical engineering and now working for NASA, greatly predisposed my choice of majoring in electrical engineering.


While at NASA, I interacted with experts in engineering who worked in different fields. There are diverse fields of engineering within this organization but electrical engineering appealed to me the most. It was perplexing to me because it is the physical manifestation of the latest innovations and technologies.  I learnt new and constructive things as an intern electrical engineer. I had a wonderful experience with NASA when it wanted to build a flight model of a new rocket.  The engineers in my department were friendly. For example, the experienced engineers took students through the practice lessons while at the same time offering expert advice and challenging them to do better.  During these lessons, we were told that rockets are more prone to external forces such as air pressure. After going through these lessons, engineers group themselves and take a look at a particular part of a rocket. A rocket has four main systems; structural, payload, the guidance and propulsion systems. My role in the group was to ensure that those sophisticated sensors used in the guidance system were working after they are connected to onboard computers. There are various techniques which were used to control rockets while they are in space. Therefore, installation of these sensors ought to ensure that after all these systems are connected, the rocket will work effectively in monitoring the pathways. Other engineeers were very active in their respective positions to guarantee that parts of the system worked in sync.


My familiarity with NASA was fantastic. The experiences which I gained spanned various fields. From the space programs which I was taken through, I realized that this association is beneficial to more people than I had anticipated. For example, one can find NASA technology in our homes from the appliances which provide home safety. In hospitals, their constructive innovations are present ranging from the accurate thermometer to the treatment of brain cancer.  Other place that this technology could be utilized is in the farms, firehouses, shopping malls and museums. Therefore, my experience in these different fields influenced me to take a choice in engineering. It was for sure that I could apply electrical engineering knowledge in diverse places to solve many problems.

In conclusion, NASA is a very vital organization which exposes students especially those in the many fields of engineering. The internship opportunities provided by NASA prepare students and give them invaluable head way for their careers. It has programs for undergraduate students which mainly come with research support facilities.  My advice to undergraduate students in engineering is to join NASA because they will gain very useful exposure which will shape their careers.



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