Free Custom «Common Application Essay» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Common Application Essay» Essay Paper

I have always delighted in working with my friends particularly towards achieving goals that we had set amongst us. From such interactions, I have always found myself putting my creativity into work and coming up with solutions to problems. While this was the past, I have been influenced by these experiences in my entire college life. As a result of the experiences, I have been able to be someone who can lead other students and bolster other team members when working towards goals. With passion for business and entrepreneurship, I look forward to transfer to a prestigious university where I can earn an MBA. Ultimately, I am convinced that I will be a CEO of a well-known firm or a successful entrepreneur.

My decision to seek a transfer from Grossmont College rests on my professional goal of earning an MBA from a reputable university. Given that I am taking General Education classes at the moment, I am well aware of the necessity of transferring to a university that offers courses in business or finance. By taking a course in finance or business, I will be in a position of using concepts and theories that will form the basis of my MBA. Furthermore, I am confident that I will utilize other learning opportunities like research and internship program to make my study successful. In the end, I am convinced that I will earn an MBA and be among the influential professionals in the area of financial or business.

Besides earning an MBA from a reputable university, I am hopeful of using the acquired skills and knowledge in providing solutions to issues in finance or business. In addition, I am particularly interested in becoming an entrepreneur who can exploits different opening and transform ideas into solutions. This way, I can offer new Job opportunities to many individuals. However, I can also take the role of a CEO. In the capacity of a CEO, am a positive that I will steer my firm into greater achievement. This will be possible through the use of skills and research to inform business decisions.



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