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Common Application Essay

Buy custom Common Application Essay essay paper cheap

In order to benefit from education so far, I strongly feel that I require a quality additional education and training to enable me pursue my long term goals. I am currently in Grossmont College and I am planning to transfer to a good university and get an MBA. I am always impressed and attracted by your university for both its mission and strategic location. Also, I like its good reputation alongside its well developed departments and its culture of encouraging academic excellence. I happen to be a dynamic person who appreciates the diversity and the multiple cultural celebrations. I am especially inspired by the professionals at various work places who have proved to be the most successful people in the society.

I am looking forward to getting an MBA from a different University in the United States. I therefore anticipate a high quality education in your program in my specialization area. More importantly, I look forward to learn how to apply the most modern skills and tools that are used by some professional today in facilitating the maximization of the quality of life. I am therefore applying for your program because it happens to properly match with all my interests and high level of motivation. I am looking forward to attending your program because I believe that it provides a well coordinated approach to the various aspects and the tools that enables people to become competent professionals.

While in the university, I anticipate becoming a very productive student and I strongly feel that the little experience I gained while working with different people such as my teachers, lectures, employers and peers will reinforce my eligibility for the MBA program in your university. For instance, I have learned how to be dynamic and adapt to the ever changing situations and people’s needs. Your program is ideal for me as it has the potential of reinforcing a common good in global work fields. I want to thank you in advance for considering my application.

Buy custom Common Application Essay essay paper cheap

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