Free Custom «Application of MSc» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Application of MSc» Essay Paper

The long-term fascination I have always had concerning the course of my choice in high school is the drive behind my urge to pursue an MSc in Electronic and Information Engineering. I always had adoration for Tsung-dao Lee and Chengning Yang, two of the world’s most prominent Chinese-born physicists. I always had a passion in things electronic. How I ended up taking up a course in this line was determined by my academic performance during my A-level examinations. This was in 1996 in the UK. It catapulted me to pursue a degree course in this line as it helped me develop the confidence to be able to tackle much more challenging questions analytically. Due to certain personal reasons however I did not graduate and only managed to reach my second year of study after which I returned to my home place in Hong Kong in the year 2007.

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I did not put the education I received to waste; I got a job with the Social Welfare department of the Hong Kong Government where I am currently serving as an IT assistant. As a public servant I committed my knowledge to serving members of the general public for the betterment of the nation. I also engage in some private practice where I run an online fashio and accessories store during free time serving as a part-time activity that I started in the year 2007. My passion for Information Technology is so great that I get myself employing my skills in web designing and web application just for freelance. It is not a course I can ever regret having taken. I even plan to widen my horizon and stretch out my wings as I intend to establish an IT solution business with my friends just here in Hong Kong, especially focusing on Mac iOS and Android Apps.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University made it to the top of my priorities due to its top ranking among most Chinese institutions and the entire world.  The Electronic and Information Engineering offered here is mainly research-intensive with an impeccable environment for research. I believe that for someone like me who plans to achieve excellence in this field, then this institution is the right place. If admitted, it is my hope and dream that I will accomplish a lot and come out with a high reputation that would enable me acquire a position in a multi-national corporation such as Intel or IBM that would later ensure my success business-wise.

Not only does the institution equip students with professional competencies, but also other general competencies as it emphasizes on wholesome growth and development. It has a good record in the extra-curricular activities field. Given this environment, I would be very glad to engage in my most enjoyful sports; basketball and football. As it is said, ‘too much work with no play makes Jack a dull boy’. I also take interest in photography and during leisure time, if not participating in the mentioned sports, and then I would be keeping myself busy with this hobby.

In terms of the number of students, the university boasts of being the largest UGC-funded tertiary institution and has a global outlook. I am passionate about meeting new people and making friends with them. It would provide an avenue for this and this is important for personal maturity. Through the strong partnership the university maintains with the industrial and business sector, I would gain insight into what happens in different corporations and this would boost my studies. Given the opportunity to study MSc in Electronic and Information Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University will go a long way in molding a great individual of this great land.


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