Free Custom «Application Letter» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Application Letter» Essay Paper

402 Wynwood Road

York, Pennsylvania 17402

Laura Myers; Physician Recruiter

1001 South George Street

York, Pennsylvania 17405

Dear Laura Myers,

I have recently completed my fellowship training in vascular surgery at the John Hopkins Hospital and am now expressing my desire to become a member of York Hospital’s vascular surgery team. My extensive training in both open- and endovascular procedures gives me the credentials to qualify for the position.


The York hospital is a familiar institution where I have spent hours of volunteer services during my pre-med years. It is in its wards that I first interacted with patients to develop my communications skills. I believe that the hospital’s goal to “provide quality, cost effective health care services” while “strongly supporting excellence in education” would provide the best environment for my professional growth as both a clinician and a researcher. It is one of my greatest aspirations to draw out the application of stem cell engineering into the treatment of every aspect of vascular diseases in order to provide patients with better treatment options. Furthermore, its state-of-the-art imaging technology and vascular laboratory would allow me not only to propel my investigations to advanced levels but also to refine the skills I’ve specifically trained for in the latest endovascular procedures like stent graft treatment for aortic aneurismal disease and carotid stent procedure for the treatment of carotid artery disease.


Character wise, I consider several of my attributes to have met your qualifications. My appointment for the chief resident position in John Hopkins Hospital is a product of my good analytical and leadership skills and willingness to train junior residents and fellows. Moreover, my almost five year experience dealing with Alzheimer patients and their relatives in Country Meadows Nursing Home have taught me patience and empathy for their conditions. It has also honed my interpersonal skills to high levels.

It would be a source of great pride and honor to be given an opportunity to work for a hospital of your high standards. I am confident my skills would be an asset to your vascular team. Please see my resume for additional information on my experience. I would welcome the chance to speak with you about this employment opportunity.




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