Free Custom «Application for the Position in Management Department» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Application for the Position in Management Department» Essay Paper

I submit my application for consideration in the above named position to be part of the achieving and winning team in your Real Estate development and management department.

Having a strong family background in Real Estate development and management, and a strong customer service and satisfaction experience from my job as chef at Conrad Jupiter, I am confident that my skills and experiences will match the prospects and vision of your firm to improve performance and deliver results. I am an energetic, hardworking, committed, task completion oriented and a team player in the quest to acquire and maintain customers. These have been well validated in my 3 years working and learning experience as a chef, where I have also acquired excellent communicational, numerical, analytical, reporting and strong leadership skills with attention to detail in my responsibilities.

I am passionate about joining your team of professionals to measure to your performance standards and to explore opportunities with your Real Estate Company. Attached overleaf find my Curriculum Vitae for reference.




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