Free Custom «Application for a Position in the Department of Human Resource Management» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Application for a Position in the Department of Human Resource Management» Essay Paper

Dear Sir/madam,   

            I hereby apply for the above position in the United Nations department of Young Professionals. I am a young professional who graduated from college with a degree in business. I have initially worked in institutions where I performed the role of human resource supervision and appraisal. The human resource manager described my performance, conducts as impeccable, and recommends me for future positions that I shall hold.   My involvement in this organization gave me the foundation on which I shall suitably fit in your institution. Of relevance too are my skills in life saving, guidance and counseling and fire fighting. They have always given me an upper hand over the years especially in motivational strategies. My juniors colleagues have always appreciated my indulgence and the extra mile whenever am called forth to do so. I have worked with young people and so learnt to relate with them well in order achieve the organization’s objective. I am very hard working and thus have the conviction that my dedication will go miles in improving the quality of services in the human resource department. I am also an expert in policy formulation and writing of reports. Such will help me in the implementation of various programs I shall be called upon to engage in. I promise to work with diligence in performing the assigned activities.

            I am also a focused individual who can work well towards meeting deadlines. I always work with the interests of the organization at heart and this boosts zeal giving me the propelling gear to see things move in the right direction. Given a chance, I will dissipate my skills and commit time to ensure organization’s success. I shall highly appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks in advance.                                                                                   

Yours faithfully,

Mousou Thiam



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