Free Custom «Application for a Nursing Course » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Application for a Nursing Course » Essay Paper

I hereby tender in my application to be considered for an admission into an associate degree course in nursing at the Saint Paul’s school of nursing.

I have selected nursing as my course of choice as this will lead me into accomplishing a successful career in nursing, which has always been my dream career. I have always wanted to be a nurse because it’s a position that gives you an opportunity to offer service to humanity and, as they say, “service to humanity is service to God”. I have an undying passion for assisting people especially when they are unable to practically do things for themselves and therefore after accomplishing a course in nursing, I will have a wonderful opportunity to practice this.

As a nurse, an individual plays important and crucial role in offering service to the society; it is a role that requires one’s unlimited determination and passion. I am ready to take this challenge. At the same time, a course in nursing at the Saint Paul’s school of nursing will offer me a life-time opportunity to build a successful career in nursing and which I believe will in turn guarantee me a successful and comfortable life after my training.

I have picked Saint Paul’s school of nursing as my preferred and number one school of choice because of the quality of education offered at the school. I believe that good training and education are prerequisite and crucial components of every successful career and, therefore, Saint Paul’s is the best place to gain this training. At Saint Paul’s, I am confident that I will get all the skills and knowledge that I will later on as a nurse require to offer nursing services effectively. In this regard, I strongly believe that the Saint Paul’s school of nursing is in the best place from where I will be able to acquire these skills as well as knowledge.

Saint Paul’s school of nursing has over the years produced extremely skilled, knowledgeable and successful nurses who have made successful careers out of nursing and most of whom are currently tirelessly serving the community in various capacities. Therefore, a course in nursing at the Saint Paul’s school of nursing will give me the opportunity to join this special group of people in serving humanity.

My future plans and aspirations once I accomplish a course in nursing are pegged in getting a Master’s degree in nursing hence establish a successful career in nursing. This will give me a life time chance to assist the ill in their various medical states which, I believe, is among the best services one can offer to humanity. I also look forward in to establishing my own nursing training that will facilitate the training of more nurses because considering the latest surveys, there is a looming shortage of nurses in the country. In such a capacity, I will also be able to encourage more people to enroll and pursue courses in nursing and therefore make substantially contribution in the efforts to increase the number of nurses in the country.

Thank you for considering my application for this position.



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