Free Custom «Application» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Application» Essay Paper

I posses various skills that can be classified as vital in today’s knowledge based economies. To begin with i am a good communicator and the fact that I know the importance of this form of communicating s a huge plus to me. I also possess excellent interpersonal skills that have shown me that it is good to respect the opinions of friends and colleagues as this counter enlightens the group resulting in a perfect management of various tasks. The fact that I understand the importance of this and places it as an important aspect of my life is an indication that I have good team working skills. 

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Analysis of Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats


  • Excellent commutation skills
  • Excellent IT and numeracy skills
  • Great multi tasking skills
  • Excellent team working skills
  • A strategic thinking person who is keen to detail
  • Great ability to maintain friendships and personal relationships
  • Excellent knowledge of the Customer service, service management and other people management tasks


  • Undergoes series of emotional instability
  • Poor in starting conversations with strangers


  • Improve rapport with strangers as this would improve my ability to increase the network of valued relationships
  • Improve emotiona stability by learning smile relaxation methods as this shall ensure that I gain the necessary emotional control mechanisms
  • Utilise the excellent communication skills in extending valued relationships at the work place as well as at other institutions that I may be affiliated to
  • Utilise the great people management skills to create a competitive niche among colleagues to emerge as a force to reckon with in the people’s management industry.
  • Improvement of time management skill


  • The emerging competition form others who possess excellent skills that I consider advantageous
  • I tend to be a perfectionist which leads to spending of excessive time in one area than anticipated.

Smart Goals

Short Term Goals

  • Improve communication skills
  • Improve IT and Numeracy skills
  • Improve the amount of social capital by having greater social networks with the professional world

Mid Term Goals

  • To have perfected my employability skills
  • To have perfected the basic market entry requirements
  • To have gained enough social capital to provide for a smooth transition to the work place from school

Long Term Goals

  • To have attained a managerial entry position
  • To have contributed positively to the effect of management noticing at my assigned duties
  • To have effectively managed to create a personal competitive niche at the work place

Proposed actions & personal development requirements

Short Term Goals

Practice continuously public speaking while reading literature on effective communication skills. This shall ensure that I get the dos and the don’ts of public speaking making hence achieving the short term goal of being an effective speaker. At the same time i plan to enrol for an advanced IT course that shall guarantee me of proper knowledge for the IT requirements needed for workers in non IT positions. Numeracy capability can be worked on as i have always posted good results in this. To improve social capital, I should enrol in a professional group to boost my knowledge.

Mid Term Goals

To perfect employability skills, I must ensure that I grasp the concept of the course perfectly. This shall also ensure that my market entry requirements are perfect. Once I am in the professional group, I shall be able to gain the needed capital for a smooth transition.

Long Term Goals

Once at the work place, I shall ensure that i serve diligently and be keen to details. This shall ensure that I become a force to reckon with within the departments that i shall be assigned and later to the management.


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