Free Custom «Worldview» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Worldview» Essay Paper

Part I

Worldviews refer to specific biases and presuppositions that determine how individuals view reality and life. It is a set of lenses that enables people to perceive the world around them. It is influenced by education, upbringing, culture, and media just to mention but a few.

Part II


Christians believe that the origin of the universe is the creation. God created all what human beings see in the world - starting with the world, and the sky and man was created last. At the beginning, there was God, Who took the initiative of creating all features from nothing and man from mud. Hebrews 11:6 explains that God existed, while Genesis 1:1 explains how God created everything. 


Christian worldview on identity is that the behaviour of those who have faith in Christ should be different from non-believers. They further believe that the attitude of a Christian to friends, relatives and other members of the society identify a believer and attract non-believers towards copying the deed, or joining Christianity. They compare the identity of a Christian to the taste of salt, which  cannot fail to be recognized when present in food. Other Christians compare Christian identity to that of sweet water and non-believers as bitter water (Wittgenstein 2007).


In Christian faith, the biblical worldview of purpose of living is put into consideration. Christians believe  that God created them with a purpose and everything created by God has its meaning and purpose that is meant to benefit them (2nd John 8). What is required of them is to live according to the Bible. In addition, life is an important gift that no one has the right over it apart from God. Therefore, every person in the society should serve positively to one another and a person who is not assisting others should not be considered a Christian (Palmer, 1996).


Christians believe that to be able to see the kingdom of God they must have good morals. It is whereby they observe their deeds and do according to the will of God. Immoral behaviour such as adultery, prostitution and murder are highly discouraged among Christians (Galatians 4:3). Immoral individuals are judged heavily and considered as non-Christians.


Christians have faith that their destination is eternal life. To reach the destiny, one requires having faith and conducting himself according to the scriptures (Romans 3:6).

Part III

Biblical worldview influences the way I think, treat people and speak to others on a daily basis. As a Christian, I am looking forward to attaining the kingdom of God. To achieve it, I need to act as a committed Christian, treat others with respect and speak a language that does not go against Christian faith. I am required to think about others as of God’s creation. Therefore, I am obligated to offer assistance to them anytime they need help. My actions, language and thinking, should be able to identify myself as a committed Christian on a daily basis. As required in the biblical worldview, I must treat others as brothers in Christ and avoid speeches and deeds that can make them suffer.

Biblical worldview also influences my voting in local and national elections. Biblical worldview outlines that a leader comes from God, and no man can change the leader who is chosen by God. Therefore, before making a decision on the leader in the local and national government that I can vote for, I take it as a good option to pray and ask God for guidance. In addition, I prefer voting for leaders who are God-fearing and committed to their faith, rather than voting for those who have no faith in God.



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