Free Custom «The Marx-Engels Reader» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Marx-Engels Reader» Essay Paper

The preface to a Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, pages 4-6 shows how Marx was able to employ the immanent critique method in order to be able to reveal all the contradictions brought up by the political economy. He pointed out that there was a contradiction which existed between the presuppositions and the state where Private property was abolished by the State and the political suppression of this private property did not only mean to abolish the private property but to presuppose its mere existence. Marx was able to examine the bourgeois economy system in terms of its capital, wage-labor, landed property, and the foreign trade. The presence of commodities shows that the political economy is beginning when the products are exchanged between communities.

Marx’s work is very important in helping an individual to understand a variety of the many political philosophies which are available today and his political thought is transparent like the Manifesto of the Communist party on pages 469-500 which provides the reader with a historical emergence of the of the proletarian and the bourgeoisie class and the causes of the contradictions which were there between the social classes and the hostilities in the modes of production. It brings out the goals of the communism and explains how the general exploitation of one class by another can be a source of motivation force since with time a new class evolves and becomes the ruler. The communist manifesto discusses about the history and relationship between the proletarians and the bourgeoisie and the relationships between other parties and the communists.

The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State on pages 734-759 talks about three main epochs, barbarism, savagery and civilization. It shows that with labor, a man can be able to own and possess private property. Men are not products and they cannot be changed into what they are. This work is set out to be able to give a social explanation as to why the women’s oppression came about with the development of the patriarchal family and the emergence of private property at that particular historic time. Marx and Engels argued that views which were determined by Women’s oppression were unchangeable and timeless.



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