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Shattered American Dream

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Americans have a lifestyle that clearly depicts the pursuit of happiness. There is a belief that happiness can be achieved through wealth. The affiliation to money and happiness is the dream of many. Wealth acquisition takes a centre stage. All the same, this ideology is bound to fail amidst people staying together with different life ambitions. Thus, Americans are ever fighting to attain success in their self-centered ambitions. These goals and ambitions are very distinct to a particular person. These views are described by the American Dream. Well, in the play a Raisin in the Sun, Walter has been used by Hansberry to bring conflict and demonstrate the ravages of American Dream. Apparently, the rest of the family members seem to share a common goal although with different priorities.  Walter is obsessed with money. He considers money to be part of his life. This is seen when Mama asks Walter, “Son, how come you talk so much about money” (1133).

Walter is thus a sign of how the American dream can be destructive amidst controversy. This is especially in this case where the Youngers are overwhelmed in this situation of using the $10,000 from the life insurance policy of the deceased Mr. Younger. Walters’s ambitions bring conflict in the play. His move to invest the money in the liquor store shatters the dream of everyone in the family. A part of the money is lost in the process and the hope of living better lives is frustrated. Walter is a key indicator of the humiliation that can befall anyone for failure to achieve the American dream. The shattering of Walter’s dreams act as a lesson for him. He learns that money alone is not a contributor of wealth and happiness. It was a hard truth for him to know that pride and family does make one rich. In this play generally, Walter has been used to denounce the happiness of the American Dream. With this lesson, Walter becomes a man. True happiness then abounds in the end with the maturity that is seen in Walter.

Buy custom Shattered American Dream essay paper cheap

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