Free Custom «Prison Studies» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Prison Studies» Essay Paper

In his article, “Prison studies,” Malcolm X describes how he acquired education while in prison. It was a step by step process. Initially, he did not know how to read and write. He was however, motivated by Bimbi, who helped him to start reading. Malcolm dedicated most of his time in reading. Even after being released from prison, Macolm developed a habit of reading. In deed, he states “Every time I catch a plane, I have with me a book that I want to read.” In addition, he believed that if it is not for prison, his life would have been different. Prison changed his life positively.

In his essay, “When They Get Out,” Sasha Abramsky addresses an issue regarding prisoners in United States. Although criminal activities such as murder have reduced in United States, prisoners have experienced harsher treatment than in any other state in the world. For instance, prisoners are subjected to punitive measures such as longer sentences, grants that allows prisoners to study have been abolished, prisoner are locked in cells for about twenty three hours per day among others. This has made the life of prisoners more miserable. The society has changed. Antisocial behaviors among the members of the society have reduced significantly. Then, why subject the few offenders to such ruthless conditions?

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In his article, Does Eating Salmon Lower the Murder Rate? Stephen seeks to investigate whether the type of diet taken helps to reduce crime. There is correlation between fatty acids and non violence. However, it is true that better nutrition is likely to reduce violence. Moreover, violence is a product of free will. In deed the writer states, "But how do you exercise that free will without using your brain?" Thus, one chooses to engage in antisocial behavior that leads to violence. He argues that social, physical as well as mental factors may be affected by the type of diet in one way or another. Although it is hard to change what the society is accustomed of eating, it is important to educate people on the need to take the right diet.

The three works by, Malcolm, Stephen and Sasha, seeks to address important issues that are affecting most individuals especially prisoners. The authors target the authorities who are responsible for making the life of prisoners more comfortable. For example, Malcolm shows the essence of allowing prisoners to study. The society is also educated on the need to take the right diet as well as avert from engaging in antisocial behaviors. The author states, "The brain needs to be nourished in two ways. It needs to be educated, and it needs nutrients.”


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